Name: 410
Title: 01.12.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers present ; Jeff Bowls, Mason Barber, Clint Shepard, Tyler Toath, Tanner Nees, Blue, Neelesh Shivastaiva, Been Slater, Nathan Ashley, Nathan Sheely, Austin Smit,
Justin DeCoster, Josh Rynolds, Chris Lewis, Tim Corbly, Ethan Fraly, Luke Engale, Caral Fratus,Sean English, John Gregg, Abe Lair, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow, Blake Dolin,
Others: Molly Priebe

President-Im president, get a hold of Andrew and Sheely for acl check, welcome back, work on new faculty adviser,
Vp - Semester accountability starts,
Rush - Welcome back on Thursday at Devin, flyering and chalking tonight after after meeting,
House - Hopefully for not much longer, accountability for showing up, need to call in or tell someone if you can not make it, big work day next Sunday, need possible replacement,
Treasure - Dont hand me anything yet, wait till next meeting, keep everything organized, get a budget for activities
Secretary- Learning on a curve, thanks to Neelesh
Scholarship - Get schedules to me asap, not sure on study night yet or time/nights,
Programming- Yea Im going to learn, Im going to get with josh, back to school party coming up,
Ask liaison - Austin is liaison
Steward- Sent out a email but did not get to anyone, might send again, list dinner options for the semester, three people on cooking and 4 people on cleaning, helps with work, compiling cooking and cleaning info, though for accountability for kitchen, have IOU instead of fines, $7 for meals to help for quality's and quantity, do we want leftovers,cover potentials by bod,its up to the brothers to cook most of the time this semester, problem with meal plan being a drain on chapter money, April 1st dinner day
Calendar; Miles calendar chair
T shirt; Austin is t shirt chair
Athletic, Austin and Clint are co-chairs
Resident manager- Yea the house was full, fngs should live here, CBR was here, Jeff steward
Social media chair; Blake is chair

old business- no old business

new business- Your new business,
Have Josh and Ethan co-chair house as Tyler is moving out,
Class talks moved to rush committee,
Big work day during iweek,

Bowls- I don't know if Im ready for it to be over
Barber- So this is what freedom feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels like
shepard- Dag nabit Im old
Toath- What the puppies im old, im 4th
Nees- Shorts weather what is this
Blue- Fngs yeaaaaa
Shrivastiva- Fngs yeaaaaaa!
Slater- Nothing a
Ashly- Last night
Sheely- Last night was fantastic
Shmit- Redub badlr
Decoster- Hungry for puppies
Rynolds- Hope i get in to microprosses
Lewis- Feels weird standing during business meeting
Corbly- Uuuuuuh wedding planing
Fraly- Cold play
Luke- Pass
Fratus- Taking to long
English- Uuuuhhh pooping bricks because i have no books
Gregg- Dont want this school year to end
Lair- You did forget a hole pledge class
Garcia- Last night dancing with puppies was fun
Grabow- Going to be out of town next weekend, class is going to suck
Blake- Where is dinner
Priebe- Yea fngs

Member of the week- Fngs
mop head- Josh
quote of the week
"If its not a near testical experince, it doesnt count"- Tonio