Name: 407
Title: 11.10.2013
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present:

EAM (Elise)
HPMTH (Hailey)
MCP (Molly)


Nominations today.

Vice President:
Peer reviews need to be given to Sheely as soon as possible. If you dont have a copy they are on google drive.
Having them done by the end of aftermeeting would be awesome.

Tonio's email issue should be fixed

We're no parties or philanthropy.

Since nominations are today, if you are interested in rush and/or are nominated, attend the rush committee meeting (Tuesday at 5pm).

THIS WEEK second round of 1 on 1s will start.
Be sure to cut down on gaming and focus on class, only 1 month left.

As of thursday the account was at 387. As of today theres no more incoming money. Since we arent at that $500 we wont have chapter dinner this week.
If this continues, we will not be able to buy the turkey for PotLuck.
With some people paying what they owe up to this point we are in the positive but thats not enough.
Please pay as much as you can, and if possible pay cash directly to Mason or money order/check made payable to triangle fraternity.
With the missed meal plans we can either pay people back or have a very nice meal at the end of the semester.
Get with Andrew or Mason to talk about payment plans.

House Manager:
1 last big work day, which will also be on the last work day. (Dec 1)

Resident Manager:
Project list continued and updated.
Roofing guys are supposed to be here this week and last week.
JJRD and JRD - can we get our rooms sprayed for wasps and bugs?
Final version of the leases should be out this week.


Pledge Ed:
Next officer is Rush.
If anyone sees Daniel please get him to contact Tyler or Sheely.


We are poor so we cant do athletics...

I will send out an update tonight.

I've been money to buy t-shirts anyways

ASK Liason:
Thank you for letting us use the basement for our Roaring 20s event!
For ASK Potluck, we should probably know if Triangle can afford the turkey by next Sunday.

Pledge President:
Pledge class project is expected to be done by dead week.
I have no idea what to do with philanthropy (or how to pay for it).

Old Business:
*Membership accountability form VOTING: PASSED
-Will take effect next semester
*EPF/Carson tool training continues...

New Business:
*Super Happy Fun Time Room
-Convert poker room into a gaming room with 2 TVs and games
-Passed to make this happen
-President: Chris
-by:Austin Seconded By:Andrew

-President: Timmy
-by:Tyler Seconded By:Blue

-President: Tyler
-by:Blue Seconded By:Josh


-Vice President: Austin
-by:Chris Seconded By:Tyler

-Vice President: Tanner
-by: Sheely Seconded By: Justin

-Vice President: NAshley
-by: Sheely Seconded By: Andrew


-Treasurer: Sheely
-by: Blue Seconded By: Nashley

-Treasurer: Timmy
-by: Timmy Seconded By: Tyler

-Treasurer: Carl
-by: Blue Seconded By: Justin

-Treasurer: Blake
-by: Miles Seconded By: Austin


-Rush: Austin
-by: Tyler Seconded By: Tanner

-Rush: Chris
-by: Blue Seconded By: Clint

-Rush: NAshley
-by: Neelesh Seconded By: Mason

-Rush: Justin
-by: Austin Seconded By: Andrew


-House: Nashley
-by: Seconded By:

-House: Carl
-by: Blue Seconded By: Justin

-House: Miles
-by: Carl Seconded By: Blue


-Programming: Carl
-by: Tyler Seconded By: Tanner

-Programming: Sean
-by: Blue Seconded By: Chris

-Programming: John
-by: Clint Seconded By: Blue


-Secretary: Miles
-by: Tanner Seconded By: Neelesh

-Secretary: Ethan
-by: Tyler Seconded By: Nashley

-Secretary: Abe
-by: Miles Seconded By: Andrew

-Secretary: Justin
-by: Clint Seconded By: Neelesh


-Scholarship: Timmy
-by: Nashley Seconded By: Sheely

-Scholarship: Sheely
-by: Timmy Seconded By: Austin

-Scholarship: Tyler
-by: Tyler Seconded By: Andrew

-Scholarship: Thomas
-by: Blue Seconded By: Austin

*Sheely for cleaning the supply closet

Brother of the Week:
*Josh for hangover of Festival of Sin

MWB: Im went to the sage on the hill. He told me for every sit up eat 6 cups of ramen
CDS: I second that eating 6 cups of ramen for each situp is a great idea
ATR: Grilled cheese....grilled cheese with ham
TNT: For capstone i get to do robots and stuff. Also 6 cups of ramen is a horrible idea
TJN: tis the season for congestion
JMB: If youre on the project list, do work
NS2: Id like to take my GREs this month, but theyre in OKC, I need a ride
NTA: Bacon
NCS: I am basically living in Neilson Hall now.
AJS: ASK meeting now..BYE
JRD: More people shouldve showed up last night
JJDR: I went running today for the first time in a month...dont clap I almost died
CTL: Typing, typing, typing
TMC: Come see Dr... in the Union. Look at the posters on the doors
CWF: If you want something large printed in color get ahold of me
MKG: Its getting dark too early now
TGJ: I second that its getting dark too early, also I went camping this weekend
EAM: Roaring 20s went much better than I expected, and I finally caught the cold thats been going around
HPMTH: *left early*
MCP: Chili bowl is at 11:30 Wednesday @ art building

Quote of the Week:
"If I try to stick something bigger in there, what do you think is going to happen?" - Molly