Name: 404
Title: 10.13.2013
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present:
MDM (Meizlish), SMP2 (Powers), BWB (Bagwell), RSB (Ryan Bruce), KTC, WJB, MWB, CDS, ATR, TNT, TJN, JMB, NS2, BMS, NTA, NCS, JRD, CTL, TMC, ERF, CWF, JHEJ, AWL, MKG, BAD

EAM (Elise)
HPMTH (Hailey)
MCP (Molly)

Three day weekend with no alcohol checks...kind of weird.
Everything seems to be running smooth.
Next month are nominations and elections, officers: update your transition documents on Google Drive. Make sure its also on paper.
Also make sure FNGs have voting rights.

Vice President:
Retreat is this coming weekend. We have 3 groups Leaving:
4:00 on Friday - TMC, MKG - Leader-TMC
6:00 on Friday - TNT, NCS, CDS - Leader-NCS
9:30 on Saturday - ERF, CTL, BAD, WJB - Leader-CTL
Person in charge of getting food Thursday...NCS is necesary
By Wednesday please RSVP for retreat.
Week after retreat we will start up peer reviews with a new sheet.

Need to get with Kyle to fix Officers email list.
Pledges, if Google Drive doesnt work for you let me know.


Commitee Meeting Tuesday before dinner for next semester.
Working on filling out manual for rush.

Midterm grades should be up for your classes on Ozone.
Scholarship comittee members will be sent out to retreave midterm grades.

Dues are still being paid.
Voting on Parlor fees increase today

House Manager:
Workday will happen at 2:00-4:00 after retreat

Resident Manager:
If you have a lease or want a lease, ask Blue for paperwork.
Not sure if this is for new leases or redoing old ones.

After meeting BMS and I will work on T-Shirt idea for Sin.

Getting with Bagwell to hopefully make a prgram to automatically send out calender updates.
Officers please send me your committee meeting days.

People are doing athletic things...

Pledge Ed:
Risk Managment was Friday Night, if you didnt attend you are required to attend a make-up. Get with TNT.
Pledges if you did not recieve a binder or did not attend Pledge education, get with Tyler.
Bigs, if your little is not here, let them know.
Pledge Ed at retreat over tradition.
After retreat workday, business meeting are mandatory for pledges.

Parking Chair:
Going to be asking people to learn the ways of parking.

Do we want to put 4 people on cleaning? Yes. this means new schedule, ignore old one
If Hobart stops working, I will go over procedure to clean without Hobart.
Im going to try to get Thanksgiving Potluck scheduled as early as possible.

ASK Liason:
OU/Texas was fun! Except for the game...
Next TASK event is Potluck
Roaring 20s party is Nov 9, its on Facebook, if you havent been invited to it ask Elise or Allie. Bring 2 cans of food.

Old Business:
*Queso Competition info
*Membership accountability forms tabled
*Parlor Fees Proposal - Vote Passed
-Proposal amendment to just add $5 to active fees.

New Business:
*Proposal for Project Accountability
*Don't attach bikes to poles in the back, it blocks garbage cans

Justin for being first person downstairs for workday

Brother of the Week:
Jeff for OU/Texas day cooking and planning

MDM: Id like to find an active to take a food order as BoD meeting is after business metting
SMP2: Thank you to everyone who contributed to Event Horizon. Quality of the article was much better and much more existant than the last.
BWB: Kansas chapter is celebrating 50th anniversary next year. It will be in September. New website. Would love to redo our own local site.
Thank you to all graduating seniors for sending me your topics to go over on I-Week. I will be working on guest listeners. This month will suck because of trip to Dallas and Detroit.
RSB: I am currently trying to catch them all
KTC: My secret middle name is ninja. Finally got hired into higher level position at work. That means I can be less stressed out.
WJB: I am an entity of smoke and ash...or I will be until I shower more. Cooking is fun
MWB: Got a possible second interview with
CDS: I will know by wednesday if I will be employed by 3M when I graduate
ATR: Yeah...Ill agree with Ryan. Going more than two days with no sleep is interesting.
TNT: I am now brother tater tot! In a future time you may call me brother tot! I am Pokemon Y-ing. My homework can go numerical methods itself.
TJN: Nashley you seriously fail at counting.
JMB: Nothin
NS2: I currently have 3 dollars I can access. Because Bank of America canceled my credit card and sent my new one to Virginia.
BMS: Remember Neelesh you owe me $25...and congrats on blue for being in charge of the Jurassic Park Machine
NTA: Im gonna tape another lightbulb to that lamp
NCS: My physcial mechanics 2 professor has this ability to ask you any question and make you feel like a dumbass. And work must promote me!
JRD: Walking Dead Season 4.
CTL: Typing...
TMC: Speakers bureua is bringing Phillips and Bardow this semester
ERF: Upgrading 3G to 4G.
LAE: I love you all, Im not cheating on you, and ill be around soon.
CWF: People look at your emails for proposals. IEEE soldering competition continues this week. Might have an Oculus Rift as grand prize
JHEG: I need to talk to Sheely and Tyler for stuff I missed
AWL: I got Pokemon Y, I just beet the 5th gym. Electric.
MKG: I caught the first 150, thats all I needed. I think everyone in the chapter should buy Baqwell a Snickers!
BAD: I feel incredibly left out on this Pokemon Discussion...Also I am fully in support of mixing all the lightbulbs!
HPMTH: I have homework...Yay
EAM: We have 2 big ASK things. We officially have an interest group at ASU started by Julias actual sister. And thanks for everyone who came to OU/Texas.
MCP: Yall are crazy and know how to have a good time

Quote of the Week:
"My Beaver learned how to growl!"-Andrew