Name: 403
Title: 10.06.2013
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present:


Not much...IFC is a pain. I have a meeting with Coby this week. Meeting is Wednesday, youll hear about it next week

Vice President:
Retreat will be at Lake Eufala with backup at Witchita Mountains. We will leave Friday the 18th.
A main group will leave at 4 (TMC, JHEJ, JRD, AJS, ERF), a second group at 6, and a last group Saturday morning.
Someone will need to go that week to get the food.
Blackbooks and membership manuals will be gotten soon for pledges.

Not much, everything is working
Pledges email list is now up and updated
Need to add pledges to Google Drive list

Programming meeting Tuesday

We have baerd lounge reserved for next semester, there will be a rush committee soon, more info to come.
Go make friends

Not much, do well in school!

Please pay dues. collections are going well.
There is a proposal for parlor fees (see new business)

House Manager:
This Saturday is OU/Texas, There will be a house meeting Wednesday at 6:00 and a deep cleanup day

Resident Manager:
We have lightbulbs now so you can change lightbulbs
Randy Woods is gone...we had cake...Eric is gone...We had cake...
There will now be a smoke alarm in the kitchen, if you hear it go off vent the kitchen before the whole house goes off

Pledge Ed:
Thank you pledges for showing up to work day
We had an intro meeting
Risk Managment Meeting is this friday (the 11th) at 7pm
Sheely will be attending pledge ed
Pledge ed may end up being at retreat, Pledges need to let Tyler know if you plan on going to retreat
Pledge class name is coming soon

There is some talk about ideas for new meals, those ideas need to make it to me with specifics
I am finishing off the meal schedule for the rest of the semester
Tuesday meal is Korean BBQ
Need to talk to JMB about using alumni money for buying new banquet stuff
I will also be going to ASK meeting to discuss Thanksgiving PotLuck

Just remind me to email an update and ill email an update

So far Sheelys shirt proposal is the only one on Google Drive

ASK Liason:
ASK is having their fall event Sat fall 26th, its a roaring 20s themed party at the manor
Admission is 2 cans of food for a food bank
TASK Events: Pumpkin carving event, thanksgiving potluck, christmas party
Pinita Making event is this week, should be on facebook, ask elise or Josh

Old Business:
*Alpha Phi Queso Competition
*Membership accountability form tabled for next week

New Business:
*Proposal to increase parlor fees. Increase of $5 per cylce for residents (would be $5/cycle) and non-residents (would be $25/cycle)
-Would this happen this semester or next semester?
-Would go into effect before next cycles
-Be sure to read the proposal and be here to vote next week
-Proposal is on Google Drive if you want to leave input
-Be sure to RSVP to the email Meizlish sent out, costs $15 (covers everything)
-We need grills for the event, if you have one (charcoal or propane) let Jeff know
-Side dishes will be made as a chapter from Triangle and ASK
-ASK individuals will be making desserts, Triangles can contribute too

Hailey for spending all yesterday cleaning the second floor!

Brother of the Week:
Pledges who showed up for workday

ryan: Trip was fun
WJB: I like traps...traps are fun...and dungeons
JDB: Apparently the best way to find traps is to have a stupid person hit random things with a spoon
MWB: I dont wanna! I dont want any! No!
CDS: Power's RPG game may have an oppening, tell me if youre interested
ATR: I lost some weight
TNT: 2 days until fortress
TJN: RPG game im in doesnt have any openings so stop asking
JMB: RPG game im in needs a new day, if you have a day let me know
NS2: For anime night we will be watching *japenese show*
BMS: I might actually show up to anime night. So yeah...did you get all that chris?
NTA: When in doubt fuck Homeland for not having Eggnog
NCS: Oh God....Physics..I close my eyes and its still there
AJS: So hackjam...I wanna do it with ethan. We plan on having a guitar hackjam. We need to set up a date and time
JRD: Battlefield 4 sucks
CTL: So much grand theft auto.....
TMC: I second Sheelys problems
ERF: Even though almost everything Austin said was true I delcine his offer...
CWF: Soldering competition Wednesday, it is prelims, stop by and we wil time you
JHEG: I like trains....
AWL: Pokemon X and Y come out this saturday...after that I wont have a life
MKG: Loading...Buffering...
TJG: Im tired
CMK: My advisor is throwing a surprise presentation on my thesis
MCP: Pumpkin everything!

Quote of the Week: