Name: 401
Title: 09.22.2013
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present:


On Oct 6th, artists are coming by to use the side lot for an art exhibit.
Mike is coming back Tuesday night, meeting after dinner. Dress nicer again.

Vice President:
Next week is pledging, that means you need to be at aftermeeting tonight.
Retreat is 3 weeks after pledging, where we are going at what we are doing will be figued out in brotherhood committee
Brotherhodd committee will also print out new pier review sheets

Calendar update sent out last night
will update the email with new info on study night

Sin is in 42 days so get a costume

We got another bid back last night.
In aftermeeting we will be going over bid teams for 6 other potentials.
3 rush events coming up, Physics study night at devon on Wednesday.
Friday is LAN party, we will set up the day before and finishing up around 6
Pig roast will be on Saturday, Jeff and Powers will begin at 4am and pig will be ready about 6pm
Fliering and chalking will happen tonight for Study Night and LAN Party

Send me your exam schedules or it will be brought up in 1 on 1s

People are paying money, money is good
2nd cycle dues are out

House Manager:

Resident Manager:
HVAC guys will be here tomorrow at 9am, if you have any issues, let JMB know
BLF and Mike Fouts and new property manager will be here Tuesday, everyone needs to be here

Pledge Ed:

BoD has not said what numbers to expect for Tuesday
As long as people scheduled to cook Tuesday show up extra hands shouldnt be needed
Make sure you pay attention to when youre supposed to be working, and to find a replacement for yourself

Wednesday at 5:00, Capture the Flag at north oval, tell contacts

ASK Liason:
ASK has a few events coming up, OU/Texas is being run by Alums, be sure to RSVP
Thanksgiving potluck will happen, there will be more info as the day gets near

Old Business:
*Parking - Hedges have been trimmed so you can see the orange metal pilons
- End of the lot (where clint usually parks and the 2 spots to the north of the trees) are for triangles, non resident
- All other cars are to park elsewhere with trucks or bigger cars nearest the front
- The three spots by the tree are for select brothers (they know who they are)
- No one is to park behind these three spots, unless they will leave within 5 minutes
- There will be a list of cars in the mail room of who owns what car along with their phone number so you can talk to them
- Blue is talking to school principal about parking there during the day
*Membership accountability forms - tabled

New Business:
*Theres a bunch of grey Triangle centenial game? Vote - passed
*OU/Texas - Please RSVP by Oct 6, there will be an email with pricing and info
-there will be a desert potluck as well
*In the basement we found a dry-erase board, is there anywhere we can put it? Fourier
*Last semester Alpha Phi had a queso competition but we couldnt sign up in time, NTA has contact to sign up this year, is anyone interested (besides Jeff)?
-NTA will send out an email with date and time and stuff
*JDB is considering holding another event with sampling items
-Will talk more about it in aftermeeting

People who cleared out the basement

Brother of the Week:
Chris and Luke for 3 potentials each

KTC: I got nothing
WJB: We filled up 2 trashcans full of debri, have fun pulling that to the curb
JDB: Talk to me about those events so I dont waste your time in aftermeeting
ATR: I may or may not have an ulcer
TJN: Parking lines...they do nothing
JMB: Shit, I was expecting more time to come up with something
NS2: Finished my midterms last week, but now Im sick
BMS: I hope my power is back on
NTA: Uh...uh...test tomorrow
NCS: Clean off your dishes and put them in the tray next to the hobart then run the hobart once the tray is full
AJS: Hi guys
JRD: Ill pass
JJDR: Nothing
CTL: I have too many positions stop giving me positions
TMC: Test this week
ERF: Breaking Bad
LAE: Im good
CWF: "Use it or toss it"
HPMTH: I found some really questionable substance in the second floor bathroom...
CMK: I am handing in a thesis proposal this week
EAN: I quit my job today!
SAM: If you burned the puppy last year you must return again this year
MJR: I have a test, a quarter of a 20 page paper due and another project

Quote of the Week:
"I was in artillary, I cant hear anything. Let alone you wispering in a thunderstorm!"- Josh
"Every time i relax it goes right in."- Chris