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Title: Meeting Minutes for 04-22-01
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 04-22-01

Meeting Minutes for 04-22-01 (Meeting #14)

Meeting Start 6:45pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley -- LATE
Br. Kraft -- ABSENT
Br. Yarrison -- ABSENT
Br. Powell
Br. Martin -- LATE
Br. Lowe -- ABSENT
Br. Garner
Br. Aldridge -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Rogers -- LATE
Br. Ycedo
Br. Branson
Br. Lewis -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Siard
Br. Williams
Br. Rye -- ABSENT
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott
Br. McCann -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Kirkpatrick
Br. Gilland -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Abernethy -- ABSENT (excused)
Pl. Cantu
Pl. Murphy
Pl. Brumbaugh

* Quorum not present. No official business can occur during this session.

President's Report
- Tuesday, at 7 PM, is the Sexual Assault presentation. We need to have 25% of our chapter at this event. The pledges and pledge educator will be there, which means we need at least three more people going. I'll be at the Manor before the event starts.
- Last week we received a big package from Madison elementary school. Five or six of the classes made cards for us, since we spread the woodchips for them during the Big Event.
- I want to put together a committee for housing next year. I'm going to send out an email over that. Contact me if you'll be here over the summer, and are interested in doing this. Let's try to meet before the end of the week.

Vice-President's Report
- Aftermeeting at 9:30pm tonight.
- Is anyone available to cook dinner? Lots of folks are going to the sexual assault speaking event.
- We had a banquet.

Secretary's Report
- Kevin Fong sent me an email regarding the Federick Kappel Web Communications Award. The award will be presented to the chapter with the best website, judged on the basis of content, presentation, and technical merit. The judging will be done sometime in May, which gives me a week to clean up our website.
- For those of you who haven't seen it, check out the member tree. Put your personal information in there.
- If you find anything that needs to be updated, write me an email.

Treasurer's Report
- We're doing well.
- Bills are paid.
- Bills will go out next week for May.
- Apache house residents: there is no rent on this period. Your last months rent covered May.

Rush Chairman's Report
- There's a rush chair's meeting on formal rush this Wednesday, at 9PM in the Frontier Room.
- We passed the rush rules last week. I have a copy of those. They're almost identical to those from last year.

Chapter Editor's Report
- Write your articles. Br. Abernethy needs them by the end of the month.

House Manager's Report
- Monday, the dryers will get repaired. Br. Lewis will contact Br. Thomas to truck in the dryer.
- Thanks to those who showed up to clean on Friday. Things looked nice.

Social Chairman's Report
- T-shirts are still available from the party. We really need to sell these. They're $12. We also have one left from the road trip.

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Study night for AI tonight, at the Manor, between now and the aftermeeting, and possibly afterwards.
- MDM: For those who are proficient in Calculus, I'll be at the Manor this week. If you can help me, stop by.

Athletics Chairman's Report
- They're playing soccer right now.

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
- There were alumni in town yesterday. Quite a few, actually -- around eleven. Several made donations, lots bought t-shirts.

Pledge Educator's Report
- We'll forgo our usual Pledge Education session for attending the Sexual Assault awareness seminar. It'll be on Tuesday at 7 PM in the Adams Walker mall area.
- For our last meeting, I'd like to invite Br. Williams to come and speak as VP.

Pledge Class President's Report
- We had a nice drive-around on Tuesday. We felt fear for our lives. I was driving. But it wasn't my driving! It was everyone else's.
- Pledge class project? Pending the final decision of the house.

IFC Representative's Report
- There was a meeting at Pi Kappa Phi on Tuesday. We talked about rush, and the Tau Kappa Epsilon on re-colonization. The budget was distributed.

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
- No report.

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
- We're going to loan the ASK's "The Right Way to Rush."
- Maybe we can get a copy on DVD!

Historian's Report
- There was a really cool presentation at the banquet. Hopefully I'll get that posted somewhere.

Public Relations Chairman
- There was an editorial cartoon in the Norman Transcript on Wednesday. It's on top of the mailbox in the Manor.

Reaper Report
- I reminded Branson and Williams about something.
- Anybody have tests, papers, etc?
- KLR: do your presentation on Tuesday, Br. Powell!

Executive Committee Report
- We met on Wednesday.
- This week, we're going to plan our social schedule for next semester. We'll do budget next week.

House Discussion -- Br. Wheatley

Housing Options:
- The corporate meeting yesterday lasted three hours. We discussed our options on the Manor.
  1) operate a fraternity house
  2) operate a boarding house
  3) sell to the University
  4) sell to someone else who operates a boarding house
  5) sell and forget
- #1 and 2 come out the same. Unless there's something unusual in the boarding house code, they're basically the same. That will resolve things, one way or another, to allow people to move in by January. We filed a motion with the court for a retrial, which could make either of those options a possibility.
- On #3, we're waiting for our lawyers to talk to the University's lawyers. The lawyers could make this work. If this becomes an option, we immediately take it.
- On #4, this isn't a good option. This would only set us up for a civil rights law suit. If we sell to a person, and the permit is denied, this is actionable under federal code, and we could go to court. Plus, if we do this, BLF financing may disappear.
- On #5, this isn't very likely. We need to get our money out of the property. I'm also not sure the organization can survive the hit. We'll only consider selling if we have another place to go.

- If this drags on past January, we can't fight it. We're not sure BLF will even sponser the rest of our legal fight. A couple alumni have offered money to help us in the court battle, but that'll only give us a few months.
- We think BLF will extend our balloon loan another year. If we can't get people in by January, we'll be looking at August before there would be occupancy. We can't bear the interest for another semester. We will have had no income from our loan initiation date to August of 2002.
- Our lendors won't let us use the rennovation money to live off of. That option is out.
- We'll know in a couple weeks whether the University purchasing the Manor is an option.

Other items:
- Electricity runs $300 a month now. We can't air condition the third floor. If you can, don't air condition at all this summer.
- Br. Lewis and his family are looking to move out. Who will be here over the summer? We'll have room for three folks total.

KLR: I think some of our parents might be able to help with funds.
MWW: BLF will fund our legal fight. After we win, then we'll want money to help with the down payment.
JAT: On the University deal, all of our expenses are leases, right?
MWW: It's possible for us to sell them just the land, and we keep the property. We might be able to cut a deal with them by leasing them the ground. If we sell them everything, they would have to rennovate the property. Also, if OU buys it, they can make it ready for all.
JCK: Which is more likely, selling it all, or just the property?
MWW: Don't know yet.
KLR: If we still own the Manor, we can't run the house, right?
MWW: No. In practice, it would be our fraternity home.
MWW: Also, we came up with another option -- rezoning. But that'll also take too long.
JDP: If we sell to the University, we'll fall under their social policy.
MAB: The University is a very friendly landlord with other fraternities.
MWW: The lawyers say it makes no difference whether they own everything or just the land.
KLR: Do the neighbors know about this?
MWW: It's public knowledge that we've filed for a retrial.
JDP: Ask the University how long it'll take to get contractors to work on it.
MWW: That will be a concern. President Boren will take care of it, though.
MWW: OU will play 'good neighbor' with the city, but they don't care what the city does. The state has power.

Old Business
- No old business.

New Business
- No new business.

Action Item List
SCS: Call National HQ tomorrow to find out why we owe $300+
Everyone:  Stop by and select your proof for the Triangle composite. They're at the Manor. Mark your signature on the back of the photo you want.
HPM: Check my job status this week


Br. Wheatley
- Steve Barry will be at the Manor at 6 PM on Monday to estimate renovation costs. We're going to walk around looking.
- The next time I get to breath is Friday evening.
- I'm going to Kansas City next weekend for the World Cup matches.

Br. Powell
- Last night I saw the Ball Soprano. It was very absurd. Very good stuff.
- On Tuesday, Br. Gilland and several of us went to the awards banquet. We received a plaque. Enjoyed Boren's award speech.
- Around 2AM tonight, Lira will come over the horizon, and there will be a large meteor shower.
- My Intro to Communications class discussed TV commercials. There's a Mercury car ad that says you'll get relaxed just by being in your car.
- I really hate having to write speeches.
- I'm secretary of ACM, and President of NULL.

Br. Martin
- This weekend was full.
- Founders day was good. My Mom enjoyed that.
- I went to Shawnee last night, but didn't find what I was looking for.
- I did sleep for 14 hours today, so I should be able to make it through the week.
- Aaron wasn't at the banquet because he was sleeping.

Br. Garner
- With a curve, I got a 93% on my last OS test. The average was a 66%.

Br. Rogers
- Unless I'm off by a week, Wednesday was the day they took my car away. My van is no longer at the Manor. I miss it!
- Thursday was a long day. I didn't get anything done.
- Friday was equally bad, and I got an equal amount done. I did go to the Mont.
- Yesterday morning was okay, last night sucked.
- This morning was good, as Lisa had her shower thing. She didn't break any ribbons! (Broken ribbons == # of kids)
- After soccer, I may not be able to have kids anyway.

Br. Ycedo
- This is my last meeting here. I'm driving back tomorrow, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
- Life is going well.

Br. Branson
- I've been sick since Wednesday. (wheeze)
- I saw Guys and Dolls on Friday. Saw the Ball Soprano today. Both are excellent plays.
- Went to a Math banquet last night. Got a $1000 scholarship.
- Tau Beta Pi had elections on Tuesday. I'm now President of that, too. I'm starting to plan stuff for next semester.
- Shakespearean performance was on Wednesday. That went really well. (I didn't lose my voice until after that.)
- It was a lot of fun cooking for the banquet.

Br. Siard
- I, too, have been sick since Wednesday. I woke up Wednesday with no voice. Fortunately, it came back after gargling salt water.
- My Shakespearean performance went well, except my counterpart forgot half her lines.
- I went to the Math banquet, and also got a scholarship.
- The ACM elections were finalized this week. I'm VP/Programs. I'm also now VP of  Tau Beta Pi.
- Alchemical reagent of the week: Bromide

Br. Williams
- I had plague. It was smitten.
- My family is roughly stable.
- I'm getting an award for my publication at OKCCC.

Br. Meizlish
- Had a week. It was busy. Next will be busier.
- I have a big test and a paper.

Br. Scott
- I saw Gorbachev's speech last Wednesday.

Br. Kirkpatrick
- Only 10 lecture days left. It's hard to believe we survived another academic year.
- I got turned down for two internships, got in a fight with my boss, and another guy. I'm going home for summer.
- Everything else is going well.

Br. Thomas
- Nothing to report.

Pl. Cantu
- I'm ACM President now.
- My last two weeks of classes have been difficult. I had an exam, project, two papers, and a group project for stats.
- I found a role playing society where you beat things with foam sticks across from my apartment. I joined them today.

Pl. Murphy
- Good pork
- Good Guys and Dolls
- Good Opera

Pl. Brumbaugh
- It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Final Announcement
- Goes to Br. Williams (and to other spirits) for putting together the National Founders Day Banquet.

Meeting End 08:00pm