Name: 397
Title: 08.18.2013
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present:
Powers, Bagwell, Grady, Frazier, RSB, WJB, CMM, MWB, CDS, ATR, TNT, TJN, JMB, NS2, BMS, NTA, NCS, AJS, JRD, JJDR, CTL, TMC, LAE, CWF


Need ASK liason for our side, Justin volunteers.

Vice President:
Need pledge educator, go to Sheely if youre interested.
Plans for retreat will start now, bring plans to Sheely.
Peer reviews will continue, work still being done.

Google Drive ready, need to add actived and a few alumni.
Officer Handbooks have been created, can be edited by officers
Delete BoD list
Calender Chair

5 events, next one if labor day, TASK event at the lake. Then Festival, Thanksgiving PotLuck.
Habitat for Humanity Shackathon, we are going to participate. We will participate in SEED which is going to schools.
Biggest proposal coming up is membership accountability form and no games in dining room.
Welcome to Engineering Thursday.

Formal Rush still going on until tomorrow.
Chalking messages laid out but need to be put through OU for permission.
Flier assignments have been given out, welcome and BBQ need to be done soon (like tonight or tomorrow). The rest would prefer to be given to Neelesh by next weekend.
Half the events have people running the events.

Scholarship committee is 1 person short. Talk to Tanner.
Bringing back 1 on 1 forms for begining of semester.
Mandator study hours will continue Monday Wednesday 6-7 starting next week.
Think about gathering test scores to keep track of progress.

Budget will be ready next week to be voted on.
Need to talk to FNGs to get them into Omega Phi.
Please pays dues...we need moneys.

House Manager:
New form to be voted on next week for makeup chores.

Resident Manager:
Got a lot done this summer, still a lot that needs to be done.
Leak not fixed but floor is back down.
Lot of people moving in, needs to be more de-junking.

Pledge Ed:

Meal plan is losing money by giving free meals to pledges.
Retroactively charge pledges for meal plan.
If they get 4.0 wave the fees.
Voting next week.
Talk to Ben about when available to cook and clean.
Cooking will now be 3 people.

ASK Liason:
Welcome to Engineering this week.

Work out on Sundays at 10am, meet at manor.
Also talk to Tyler if interested in running.

Membership Development:
Be at aftermeeting
Soon to be Graduates Jeff, Clint, Neelesh, Luke, Mason will present to entire chapter on topic of your choice. TRIANGLE CAPSTONE.
Boarders, Pledges, FNGs please attend first pledge education meeting for risk managment.

Old Business:

New Business:
*Plan to have a joined Triangle-ASK BBQ during OU/Texas weekend. Jeff needs people to meet to plan and get numbers down so info can get out soon enough.
Check emails
*T-Shirt chair handing over, info sent to those interested.
*Gameday parking-Clint needs to teach some people
Clint will send out an email to find those interested
*There are other clubs out there. Carl is president of IEEE this year and would like to see some people in there.
To get Triangle's name out there it would be wise to go to the social events.
Solar car, robotics club, are examples.
*Career fair next month on the 12th, get resumees ready!

Basement Crew that cleaned the basement

Brother of the Week:
People who showed up to clean Wednesday before school.

Grady: Im really happy that im here
Powers: Im good
Bagwel: I bought a new car and joined a power lifting team
Kyle: Get me your MAC addressess
WJB: In my most recent return from texas I returned multiple bottles of Whataburger fancy katchup...BUY SOME
CMM: I cant wait to move into my apartment in 2 and 1/2 months, rock climbing saturdays, respond to emails and go, its a lot of fun
CDS: Im taking 17 hours this semester so ill be busy, find me if you need anything
ATR: Youll find me at Tim's place this semester
TNT: I lost 25 pounds over the summer
TJN: Fingers...fingers
JMB: Why didnt you bring the pinball machine? (to jeff)
NS2: I dont think I can follow that
BMS: *laughter*
NTA: I dont know *more laughter*
NCS: If youre interested in lap swimming, meet Sheely roughly 6am Mon-Fri
AJS: Hockey season starts in 2 days, prepare to not see me...ill be around
JRD: I got nothing
JJDR: After a lot of sweating and cursing I got back into school, and im getting back into fight training
CTL: What is dropping??? My laptop is now dying
TMC: My research position got extended
LAE: I got nothin
CWF: If there is any activity you wanna see occur on campus let me know. Soldering contest will continue.
Hailey: I have a cat, if youre allergic tell me!
Molly: I have a new research position, i also lost 10 pounds.

Quote of the Week: