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Title: Meeting Minutes for 04-15-01
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 04-15-01

Meeting Minutes for 04-15-01 (Meeting #13)

Meeting Start 6:44pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Robinson
Br. Kraft -- ABSENT
Br. Yarrison
Br. Powell
Br. Martin -- ABSENT
Br. Lowe -- ABSENT
Br. Garner -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Aldridge -- ABSENT
Br. Rogers
Br. Ycedo -- ABSENT
Br. Branson
Br. Lewis
Br. Siard
Br. Williams -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Rye -- ABSENT
Br. Meizlish -- ABSENT
Br. Scott
Br. McCann
Br. Kirkpatrick -- ABSENT
Br. Gilland
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin
Br. Abernethy
Pl. Mulder -- ABSENT
Pl. Cantu
Pl. Murphy
Pl. Brumbaugh

* Quorum not present. No official business can occur during this session.

President's Report
- Next week, the soccer guys have a game at 6 PM on Sunday. Let's plan to have next week's business meeting at 4 PM, probably in the Sooner Room.
- This Wednesday, the 18th, Alpha Gamma Delta is doing a bar-b-que. It's $3 advance, or $5 at the door. It'll be from 5-7 PM at their house. If you want to go, we'll get together at the Manor at 5:30 PM.
- The court case was on the 9th, and we lost.

Vice-President's Report
- Aftermeeting is at 10 pm.
- Dinner this week is cancelled due to another event.
- Founders Day banquet will be at 11AM on Saturday at Br. Lewis' place.

Secretary's Report
- Nothing to report.

Treasurer's Report
- We're doing okay for now, but we need people to play. Br. Ycedo, Garner, and Martin all need to pay up.
- Bills are due today. If you didn't bring your checkbook to this meeting, bring it to the aftermeeting.

Rush Chairman's Report
- I need to work with Br. Branson on next year's Rush schedule.
- April 22nd is Greek Preview day.

Chapter Editor's Report
- I emailed article assignments to people today.

House Manager's Report
- We need to pick up the stuff from the party. We should do that later tonight.
- Cleanup day on Friday at 5 PM in the Manor. We'll rake up the gumballs in the yard.

Social Chairman's Report
- We had a party last night. It went relatively well.
- You all need to buy shirts. I got 30 of them. They'll be $12 a shirt. Tell anyone who was at the party.

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Nothing to report.

Athletics Chairman's Report
- Kappa Alpha already planned a paintball tourney, so they cancelled the one on Saturday. Theirs will be on the 28th of April. They'll have 5 man teams. The event is to support MDA.
- Fiji is doing the Phi Gam Slam on the 25th of April. It's $35 a team. It's 3 on 3, or 4 on 4 basketball. I think they're also providing food.
- Delta Tau Delta is doing their annual volleyball tourney tomorrow through Thursday. We have to sign up tonight if we want to do it.
- If anybody wants to come to our Soccer games, do! Next game is at 8 PM on Friday and 6 PM on Sunday. We're 2-1.

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
- No report.

Pledge Educator's Report
- We'll get together for Pledge Education after dinner at 7 pm on Tuesday.

Pledge Class President's Report
- No report.

IFC Representative's Report
- There's a meeting Tuesday at Phi Kappa Psi. Well, maybe. We just met there. Maybe Pi Kappa Phi. Br. McCann will look this up.

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
- Zeta Pi Beta is doing the March of Dimes. They have a booth set up at the Union. Stop by and donate some money.
- We put the Easter Baskets together for Childrens' hospital, we think. We're not sure who we did that for.

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
- Do we have a check for them? No. It's coming.

Historian's Report
- Pictures from the party are up. Check your email.
- I'm doing something for the Founders Day banquet.

Public Relations Chairman
- No report.

Reaper Report
- Shape of Space people need to have a model.
- Br. Branson was supposed to call National.
- Br. Rogers needs to send a check to the IRS.

Executive Committee Report
- No report.

Old Business
- No old business.

New Business
- No new business.

Action Item List
MAB/JAT: Put together something for Founders.
SCS: ASK checks and pledge bills need to go out.
TNL: Pick up shirts, sell shirts.
MEY: Need to take the EIT/FE on Saturday.


Br. Robinson
- Nothing to report.

Br. Yarrison
- May the people who conceived the EIT exam rot in the multiple choice hell.

Br. Powell
- I finally got enough info sources to write my communications paper.
- I felt the party was a success.
- This weekend, in AI, Dr. Kin expressed a desire for brains. Everyone laughed.

Br. Rogers
- Lisa and I have a photographer (well, we haven't told him yet, though).
- I've gone to church for two Sundays in a row.
- A preemptive invitation to Triangles: it's still at St. Johns Episcopal Church on July 28, 2001, 1:30 pm, with reception to follow.

Br. Branson
- Our production in Shakespeare class will happen on Thursday. We're putting on Antony and Cleopatra.
- Next Saturday at 8 PM in Old Science Hall, The Ball Soprano is showing. It'll be really good. I have some tickets.

Br. Lewis
- We lost $74 this time. That's better than the last party.
- I had an unpleasant morning.
- I hope I sleep well tonight.

Br. Siard
- This Friday is Guys and Dolls at the Rupel Jones Theater. I don't want to go, so somebody can have my tickets!
- Next Sunday Captain Conan is playing at Mecham. It's a good film about war, and how stupid people are when they kill other people.
- Chemical Reagent of the week: Ori Chilcum

Br. Scott
- It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Br. McCann
- We had our second win today.

Br. Gilland
- It's been a long week.

Br. Thomas
- Had a good time at the party last night.
- My battle bot is moving now, but not moving on its own.

Br. Martin
- The party was cool. I had lots of fun.
- Soccer game was cool. We won.

Br. Abernethy
- Week bad.
- Ho bag chicken good.
- Next week bad.

Pl. Cantu
- Thanks to Siard for taking care of me last night. I'm not French!
- There will be a classical guitar recital the night of Friday, April 27.. If you want to show up, come to the Choral room in Cattelett at 8 PM.

Pl. Murphy
- Good party.
- Enjoyed having my Dad down for the weekend.

Pl. Brumbaugh
- Nothing consequential.
- "Friday night was interesting."

Final Announcement
- Goes to Br. Lewis, Aaron Martin, Siard, Aldridge, Kirkpatrick, and Powell for putting the work into the party.

Meeting End 7:27pm