Name: 384
Title: 11.04.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: ARW, NS2, NCS, NTA, MWB, WJB, ATR, CDS, TJN, TNT, JMB, HTN
Pledges: JLB, DV
Others: Kaylah, Ms. Priebe

President:Leadership conference went well. Founder's Day Banquet this saturday. Suit and tie at 2:00 pm for composite pictures
VP:Pledge Education is going well. I am slightly disappointed about how few pledges are here.
Secretary:Forms and minutes
Treasurer:Omega-Fi hiccuped
Rush:Keep making friends. Maybe setting up a booth this week at the union
House:Good luck with the coke machine, don't break it anymore
Steward: Meal plan email is out.
ASK Liason: Need to set up a date for broomball. Reminder about Thanksgiving Potluck, Nov 16.

Old Business
Clint for Rush - JMB, NCS

New Business
Headcount for Founder's Day Banquet
Please RSVP to Clint by email *tonight*.
ASK Liason: Need to set a date for broomball
Fridays are typically best. Will ask at ASK meeting
TNT:Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. The trainer is willing to give classes at the manor for $20 a head. Need 5 people, currently 4 people interested

WJB:Nothing says Halloween like a murder mystery
PSS:I'm going to Austin soon
MWB:I am poncho man
HTN:I don't know.
CDS:I have stories from conference
ATR:This was the weekend of my 21st b-day
TNT:Best weekend ever
TJN:An extra hour of sleep makes a world of differnce
ARW: 7 hours of sleep, 7 hours of driving
JMB:it's not the relay but I'm still takign ti aparat
NS2:I'm behind
NTA:24 hours of sleep is nice
NCS:All my test schedules have changed
Pl. JLB:Who needs sleep when you have coffee
Pl. DV: I need to interface between android and iPhone message
Ms. Priebe: I saw puppet puppies
Kaylah: :)

Quote of the week:"oooh, it's due in about 11 hours... well, more like 11 and a half hourse... eh, let's just call it 12." - Andrew
Brother of the week:Br. Runyan
Mophead of the week: everyone who was here.