Name: 382
Title: 10.21.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: CDS, ARW, NCS, NS2, TJN, JMB, NS1, HTN, JLB, ATR, CMM, TNT, MWB, AJS, DRV
Others: Mr. Guy

President: Houston Regional Conference on Nov 3. Need final count tonight so we can get proper vehicle
VP: Pledge Ed will be Tuesday after dinner, should not be longer than an hour eveery week
Secretary:Forms and minute
Treasurer:Next billing cycle, National dues went up by 10$ so expect that
Rush Chair: Rush isn't over, keep making friends
House Manager: House looks good, keep it that way
Programming: Festival is on Saturday, be sure to come
Steward: There is a schedule for next week

Old Business
Foosball table
Counteroption to change to a new chapter TV.

New Business
Whoever's doing steward next semester needs to decide whether they want to keep doing 2 meals a week
Nominations are next week, start thinking about what you want to be/put others into office

CMM:This next week is gonna be busy
MWB:I've learned two valuable things this weekend
CDS:Woohoo, doing work on the ping pong table
TNT:Molly's getting better
TJN: Heavy metal has magic healing abilities
JMB:Anyone how to change the directionality of an antenna using beta?
NS2:Can you repeat that?
NCS:I'm in charge of a table now
Pl. JLB: Nothing much
Pl. AJS: No hockey game next week
Pl. DRV: I saw a kid dancing Gangnam Style and it was awesome
Pl. CTL: I saw a NFL player dancing Gangnam Style and it was dumb
Mr. Guy:Puppies you (got skipped)

Mophead of the week: Blue, Neelesh, and Nathan A.
Member of the week: Mason for taking a hornet sting like a man

Quote of the week: "Theres no way I can get this up!" - higgy