Name: 381
Title: 10.07.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: NS1, NS2, ARW, ATR, CDS, PSS, JLB, HTN, TNT, TJN, NCS, NTA, JMB, AEB
Pledges: JLB, ADS, JRD, JJDR, DRV, CTO, Br cole
Others: Ms. Priebe

President: We have retreat this Saturday
VP: We have retreat on Oct 12, 3 pm, you can leave later if need be. Tell me if you're willing to go or even drive. We will be going to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge until Sunday morning. Pledging is done.
Secretary: Forms from Nils, then we're done
Treasurer: Pay your dues
Rush: Rush is over! Always make new friends. 6 pledges, *applause*
House Manager: House is clean, Big trash is on Saturday. We'll be going though the storage rooms upstairs. Solarium will be cleaned out.
Scholorship: We have a scholorship application due October 15. Pledges can apply.
Pledge Educator: I will need to get free time from pledges so we can start pledgucation
Webmaster: Need emails
Programming Chair: Festival of Sin is in 3 weeks. RSVP for yourself and friends. More details in committee
ASK Liason: Retreat was fun. Still sorting out our crap with the university.
T-Shirt:For aftermeeting we'll be discussing tshirts and voting on them

Old Business
How much do we want to spend on a foosball table?
$250 on the nicest foosball table
or 200$ on the nice foosball table from parking?
Tabled to next week
New Business

Br Cole: I made it. About half of you don't know me.
AEB: Welcome Pledges.
PSS: I'm pretty high up on the list. Welcome!
NS1: I love puppies
CMM: Welcome pledges. I'm hungry
HTN: Welcome pledges. Be ready to board the SS Brothership
CDS: Brothership!
ATR: I'm the frickin captain. Just don't eat the fish
TNT: New pledges. Be sure to get your first HM
TJN: Insert comment here
ARW: Winter is really coming
JMB: It is a race
NS2: Welcome pledges. Persona 4
NTA: I added the blood
NCS: It is a race
Pledge Oladipeo: I'm hungry
Pledge Bozeman: 3 for hungry
Pledge Schmidt: No one answered my question. Is the drawing the brothership?
Pledge deCoster: I really have nothing to say, hi.
Pledge Reynolds: I just want to thank everybody. Really looking forward to next semester. He promised me a bone
Pledge Viyada: Proud to hang with you guys
Pledge Lewis: Not playing any boner games.
Ms. Priebe: Congratulations

Quote of the week: "What are you flicking?..." "his little pony" ~ Chris & Ashley
Member of the week: Pledges
Mophead: Everone who showed up