Name: 380
Title: 09.30.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: TNT, CDS, NS2, JMB, DMS, CMM, RSB, WJB, MWB, ATR, NTA, NCS, ARW, Br. Hignite,
Others: Mr. Guy, Kayla, Ms. Mendoze

President:Pledging is next Sunday, Dress nicely for it
VP: Retreat is two sundays from now. I still need RSVPs and also whether willing to pay at Meer's and whether you can drive. Also I'll be doing pledge education so see me.
Secretary: Forms are almost done.
Rush: Keep talking to Dhanoush, Chris, Frederick. And pledging is next week
Scholorship: Get your stuff done. Bagwell scholorship closes the 15th
ASK Liason: Thanks for TASK dinner stuff
House Director: We will be having a insurance inspection on Octoboer 16th. Also there will have to be a workday on the 11th or 12th because the 13th is big trash day.
Steward: Meal Plan is on the door. If you can't make it, tell me and find a replacement if you're cooking/cleaning via email. Also sweep and mop on tuesday and thursday
T-shirt chair:More in aftermeeting

Old business
New Business:

RSB:So I have this monitor for sale <$100 come see me
PSS: I got nothing
CMM:I hate grease traps
MWB:An impressive display of sign language
Br. Hignite:I have to catch them all
CDS:Being 6th
ATR:There needs to be more weekend
TNT: Getting kicked in the back of the head sucks. Yay for dropping Numerical Methods
ARW:I'm gonna go swimming again
JMB:DSP sucks
NS2:I need more sleep
NCS:Calc 3 sucks
Mr. Guy: This weekend was fun, Casino Night was interesting
Ms. Wright:Also a fan of poke MMO
Ms. Mendoza:Do we have any trashcans for recycling?

Quote of the week: "I saw that coming, right at my face" ~ Clint
Brother of the week: Clay for Potluck
Mophead of the week: Clay and Blue for the grease trap