Name: 379
Title: 09.21.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: NS2, JMB, MWB, TNT, CMM, CDS, NTS, NCS

President: labor day weekend, not quorum :<
Vice President: not here
Secretary: Half the people I need to give forms to are not here and minutes will be posted.
Rush Chair: 3 bids, 1 pledge, start calling contacts now
I'll send the link to the google doc again. Thanks to everyone who helped with bbq
Steward: Schedules for cooking and cleaning will be posted and we will have meals tuesday *and* thursday this time.

Old Business
Tv/Projecter new- tabled

New Business
Proposed that we do not allow people to do arts and crafts project on the tables withot proper protection.

Propose to fine people - will be discussed in aftermeeting.

Foosball Table, who wants to chip in?
TNT: where would the foosball table go?
NTA: How about the solarium?
CDS: I think that's an excellent idea.

CMM: First post!
MWB: We should always have business meeting with background music
CDS: Sweet
TNT: I'm 4th!? poker <3
JMB: I better see the risk management chair on the next composite
NS2: I wanna get back to Persona 4
NTA: Looking up next trash day
NCS: Working on labor day :<

Quote of the week: "That's just what you do! You save a person's life, they buy you a hooker!" - Dallas

Brother of the week: Everyone here + not nils