Name: 378
Title: 09.16.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present:CDS, PSS, ARW, NS1, NS2, TJN, BMS, ATR, EAH, CMM, JDB, TNT, ACS, AEB, JMB, Br Bagwell, RSB, DMS, MWB
Others: Mr. Guy, Ms. Quiroga, Kaley, Ms. Priebe

President:If you have something to say as an officer report, write it down and give it me, else you will not get a report
Rush: We have recievd bids from Joseph, Austin, Justin. Tim corbly, Frederick, Josh Reynolds. Run flyers and chalking through me before you submit them.
BMS: I talked with bruce about running movie night, but I haven't gotten anything back from him yet
VP: Retreat is planned for October 13th. It is the week of pledging. We will be going to the Wichita Mt. area. Plan right now is Dinner at Meers, but budget may not cover it.
Treasurer: Next cycle of dues will coming out next week. It will have meal plan on it. I'll finalize things for the rest of the semester
Secretary:Give me back forms
House Manager:Bikes for cleaning Solarium were not taken out. Lost and Found is now Free game
ASK Liason: Thanks for letting us use the basement for ceremony
Scholorship:We got some info on the test bank
House Director:I'll start clearing out some of the bedrooms, including the computer graveyard. Clean up the Laundry Room. Learn how to park so that we have maximum room for the parking area. Do not use the elevator unless hauling big things. The three spots in the turnaround is not for non-boarders EVER. Guests are the bringers responsibility

Old Business:
New Business:
BMS: We need tables for LAN party and that we can also use for other things.
CDS: We can get some ones from OU Surplus for about $5 each. We gotta get there by about 8am.
NS1: while we're at OU Surplus, we need to get some metal shelves.

Br. Bagwell: BoD meeting was fun. I got to buy more weights; excited
AEB:I made some bread, you're free to have some, or all of it
JDB: Keep doing rush, yay fun rush things.
PSS: Life's good right now, 3 job opportunities, 2 for the same job... interviewed with the FAA on Friday and it went very well.
NS1:You should come get some motivation
CMM: Good thing about failing a job interview is that you don't have to wait on an answer.
MWB: Something
EAH:Don't do drugs
ATR: All I like to do is look at you and shake my head
TNT: My hell week is over. I think my interviews went well. Puppies are awesome
TJN: I seecond the puppies are awesome
ARW: Tires are expensive
JMB: Something
DMS: I need a puppy
NS2: I need sleep
BMS: Rosh Hashana
NTA: A little over 40 hours for Borderlands 2
NCS: Homework sucks
Mr. Guy: 50 no's and 1 yes is still a yes
Ms. Quiroga: Founder's day was cool
Ms. Priebe: Thermo sucks
Ms. Wright: Founder's day was cool

Quote of the week: "well, you're going to get the aids anyway... so..." - Stephanie
Member of the week: Br. Shrivastava
Mophead: People that cleaned the serving area