Name: 377
Title: 09.09.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present:ARW, MWB, BMS, TNT, ATR, CDS, NS1, NS2, NTA, CMM, NCS, 

JMB, DMS, HTN, Br. Garcia
Others: Mr.Guy, Ms. Priebe, Ms.Haley

President: Events are going well, hand off to rush chair for the next one
VP:(puppy you for skipping me)
Rush: Call your contacts, Game-ageddon is next Friday. Need to come up

with prizes for winners and runner-ups, 1st and 2nd prize only. We'll

figure that out in committee
need someone to show up at 4:00 pm for set up. Br. Bruce will head that

up. Remember to tell your contacts to bring controllers and computers or

don't complain about ours. We need to get drinks for everyone as well.

Remember that game-ageddon is on the 14th at 5:00 pm in room 200 EPF.

Rush committee will Tuesday after Dinner. Remember to rush in the box and

bring friends around the manor.
VP: Haven't done much with retreat yet. People want
Secretary: I will give out forms and you will fill them out and give

them back to me today
Treasurer: Budget still needs to be voted on
ASK Liason: Rush is going well, we need the manor on the 15th from ~4-7.

Also we need it for the 23rd. We'll put things on the calendar
House Manager: The lost and found from the solarium is now free game.

Next week it will be leaving the house. Please move food out of the

serving area, and bikes out of the solarium for next workday.

Old Business
New Business
JMB: Does the chapter want a snack machine to buy things from?
Snack machine passes
MWB: Where will the snack machine be?
JMB: next to the coke machine.

JMB:I wanted to get some mario kart arcade machines for the basement. We

will remove a couch from the basement to accomodate it.

NS1: we've got cubbies now, so it put your things there. They are in the


NS1:I do love puppies and kittens
CMM:Still working on software engineering
MWB: Despite the overwhelming support for the school supplies thing, I

will be sending the supplies next week. I would like to get a giftcard

together to do that
HTN: Being unproductive
CDS: Being more unproductive
ATR: I have been corrupted by the darklord.
TNT: Yesterday was awesome. Today sucks. Puppies are awesome
ARW: Winter is coming.
JMB: Deferment of responsibility for the win
DMS: I don't know
NS2: Yesterday was awesoome. I think I watched 12 hours of starcraft
BMS: zzzzz
NTA: I hate something
NCS: Free Sheery. Something
Br. Bide: I'm good
Mr. Guy: Clint. You looked right at me. I made a comment about something

last week. I have been introduced to Magic and I love it. Good night and

good day

Quote of the week: "You just ignore the asbestos completely, right? -

Brother of the week: Br. Smith
Mophead of the week: Blue and Nathan