Name: 376
Title: 08.26.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: cDS, TNT, ATR, ARW, WJB, RSB, JDB, NS1, NS2, TJN, NCS, NTA, CMM, MWB, AEB, DMS, JMB, HTN
Others: Mr. Guy, SAM

President: The basement will not be available on the 15th 5pm, for ASK business and the kitchen will be unavailable sometime earlier
VP:Retreat will be in Wichita mountain area, time and place exactly are not detailed, ideas welcome
Secretary: Forms will be handed out and I expect them back next week. Also minutes
Treasurer: Budget is handed out, gungho is for random discretionary projects
Rush: 3BQ is Friday, need help for flyering, tomorrow at 7pm ish; also want to chalk and buy things. We also need to do the same things for Game nights. Since it overlaps with chapter dinner, we'll do a late dinner. Thursday flyering for gamenight and maybe also chalking after dinner. Remember to cold call for everyone too.
House Manager: Things are clean, try to keep things clean. I'll pass onto Jeff
WJB: We'll be getting the boarders to start help keeping their floors clean so that workdays can be used for bigger projects.
Steward:Yea, food
Steward's Helper: Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak, and fries. Also about the increase in price for meal plan will be put into having an entree and 2 sides, drinks, and a dessert at least for Tuesdays.
Scholorship: Study, go to class, talk with your teachers. Also, be sure to apply for the Bagwell Scholorship
House Director: I sent out the email about parking, make sure you follow that, from 7-5. The turnaround is for boarders *only*.

Old BUsiness
Increasing the meal plan price from $5 to $7
WJB: Remember that all this will be going into your food
ATR: More food, better food, better leftovers
JMB: How about only an increase to $6

The motion to increase the meal plan amount from $5 to $7 is passed

Motion to increase the meal plan from 1 day to 2 days a week.
WJB: Tuesday would be the more comfort food, invite your friends. Thursdays would be more health-concious food.
NTA: for the thursday dinner, if it went into effect, would it be complusory or opt-in?
CDS: Personally I think it should be an opt-in.
WJB: If it's opt-in, would people who didn't opt-in be fine with helping to clean up?
CDS: The way I'll do things is have people vote for thursday meal, and then if it passes, vote whether it's opt-in.

8 for, 0 against for thursday meal
9 for, 2 against opt-in thursday meal

The chapter buying a bowflex for $300.
TNT:You have to pay fees for the Huffman center as part of tution. I personally fee that therefore is not worth it to get a bowflex.
CDS: Alex, where would the money come from if we decided to buy it?
ARW: It would be unbudgeted, and Bagwell is fine with it.
WJB: I think I would more be in favor of a proper set of free weight.
RSB: You should check craigslist for bowflex, because they're not $350, more like $150
TNT: Also before we talk about equipping the weight room, we should probably clean the weight room.
JDB: One thing most people haven't talked about is maintentance, if a dumbbell breaks, it's easy to fix, if the machine breaks it's fine.

Old business closed

New Business
WJB: One thing that needs to be changed is that the composite expenditure needs to be moved to the spring since we voted on that last semester.
JMB: Also for IFC dues, it's $220, not $230, because there are only 13 old actives, not 14.
Discussion Tabled until next week

TNT: I would like to formally relinquish my title as Athletics chair
CDS: I would lile to formally appoint Nathan Ashley as Athletics chair

RSB:If you're registered to vote in Norman, go vote for expanded Lindsey in Tues
WJB:I should be in Burma right now
AEB:Stuff right now
JDB:The event I have been mentioning is probably gonna be on the 8th.
NS1:Life's good
CMM:Software engineering isn't as bad as I expected
MWB:GIve me your pencils and money and stuff
HTN:Antenna's is awesome
CDS:Concert, woo
ATR:Can we get this over with, my ball hurts
TNT:Epic conquest of Red Lobsters endless shrimp for 14.99
TJN:Second what Clint said
ARW:Hw has started
JMB:How am I two weeks behind, school started one week ago.
DMS:I hate math teacher
NS2:I still need to get books
NTA:Good work this week on excercising
NCS:Stil need to get my CS book
Mr. Guy:Puppy Puppies, get Puppies
SAM:I want to throw a house rave, is anyone opposed to this? Maybe in a month from now or so. I'll bring things to new business next week.

Quote of the week: "We're streaking today!" - Molly
Brother of the week: ATR for taking it like a champ