Name: 375
Title: 08.19.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: ATR, NS1, NS2, JMB, MWB, TNT, BMS, ARW, CMM, CDS, PSS, NTS, NCS, DMS, JDB, KCB
Others: Ms. Mendoza, Ms. Priebe, Mr. Bozeman

President: We've got a lot going on. Lots for Rush. Regional conference in Houston, Visit from Nationals
VP: I-week went well. Not too many complications. no date for Retreat just yet, location is Wichita mountains. Next I-week after Christmas
Secretary: Forms for everyone, Minutes will be posted
Treasuer: budget is almost finalized, we'll be in the negative. Pledge class didn't do a project, we'll still take the money, don't be alarmed. Up to the Nathans what to do with it. Only went over 25$ for I-week. The dave & busters repayment will be discussed privately. Overall goal for this sem is more organization
Rush: Summer rush is over, not many guys showed up. Now on to Fall Rush. We will be flyering tomorrow for Welcome on Thursday at 7pm in Beard Lounge in the union. Setup will be at 6ish. Take all the games and yourself too. We will get all the events in the newsletter, need to figure out geocaching.
House Manager: We got a lot of lightbulbs to fix lights. The House was surprisingly clean this morning,
Steward: I'm thinking of doing meal plan for than twice a week, more once we get to business meeting. Also we might be doing higher quality meals so maybe 7$ a week
Scholorship: Talk to your teachers, get organized, do your homework, go to class, Apply for the new scholorship
Programming: Festival of Sin this sem. No date yet, but when programming committee is together, we'll iron that out
ASK liason: ASK flyered today for welcome, first meeting tonight for rush
Historian: Pictures from last semester are all uploaded on lain by event.

New Business:
Increasing frequency of meal plan to 2 days a week, Tues and Thurs
Increasing price of meal from $5 to $7
Vote for 2 a week:
Vote for 2nd on Thurs:
for Thurs: 6
for Fri: 4

ARW: the bowflex in the weight room, I donated but would prefer that the manor bought it. My dad prefered 500$, but willing for as low as 300$
It's not in the budget yet, but if interest is high, I'll put it in the budget.
Tabled until next week

Back to increasing price of meal from $5 to $7
TNT: I think it's a great idea.
CDS: Is there anyone who's opposed to this?
Tabled for next week.

TNT:What is the status on the foosball table?
JMB: Someone else got to the one we were looking, so still working on it.

JMB: The coke machine will still be a few weeks

Move to pass all old minutes

Mr. Creasey: I want to redesign the website, so if anyone wants to help, please get into contact with me.
JDB: Classes are starting, starts easy, it'll hit harder, go to class
PSS: I'm alumni now, not getting that much more free time. Semester might be easy, might suck, don't know yet
NS1: Life's awesome. Welcome new guys
CMM: Ready for this sem to be over
MWB: Currently homeless
CDS: Glad to be back, was in Louisiana, was fun, but missed you
ATR: Meetings feel weird. I'm scared and don't really like, but kinda do. welcome new guys
TNT: wow, I'm near the top. Hi, brothers, nice to call you that. yay not living in the dorms, living in the manor. also, blokus.
ARW: Classes, what are they and when are they?
JMB: Do all your cars come with dead hookers in the trunk?
DMS: Uh... least I'm not on that oil rig.
NS2: Same things as alex, I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow
BMS: what happened to summer, I think I slept through it
NTA: Hi!
NCS: I don't know what happened to the summer...
Mr. Bozeman: Nothing
Ms. Pribe: I have a kitchen, and made a cake!
Ms. Mendoza: I'm gonna do a little bit of activist work tomorrow. Gonna put up for flyers for company surveillance stuff, so if you wanna help me out, come talk to me

Quote of the summer (I-week)
"What the puppies, where's my dick?" ~ Bruce
Member of the week - FNGs