Name: 374
Title: 04.29.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: ATR, NS1, NS2, JMB, DMS, MWB, TNT, BMS, ARW, CMM, CDS
Pledges: NTA, NCS
Others: Ms. Mendoza, Molly

President: This is the last business meeting of the semester. ASK potluck today, if you wanna come, bring something.
Vice President: Last aftermeeting of the semester. Tonight will be long... I-week will the week before next semester.
Secretary: Minutes will be posted, forms are finally in
Treasurer: Pay bills
Rush: planning rush for next semester and the summer. Expect a lot of me
Scholorship:Start studying for your finals, talk to teachers, don't skip class
House Director: Do not turn any AC below 72 degrees. Do not let anyone you do not know into the house, especially Paul Estes
House Manager: Good job at work day

Old Business:
New Business:
Who wants to go Scobie? July 12th - 15th. ARW confirmed already. Need one more. If interested, email CDS.
Projects will be going on throughout the summer, talk with JMB and ARW if interested
Big cleaning day the week after finals

CMM:I don't even bother keeping track of time anymore
MWB:I have an extra ticket to a certain concert the saturday before finals (Pink Floyd)
CDS:Shenanigans-Super Troopers
ATR:I present to you the alarm that goes off every 5 minutes
TNT:I almost did absolutely nothing over the weekend
JMB:These are definitely my pants this week
BMS:Bet you haven't
NTA:I passed the cinnamon challenge
NCS: cheez-it's are good
Ms. Mendoza:nay

Mophead- the people who mopped
Member of the week- Risk Management chair