Name: 373
Title: 04.22.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: JDB, JMB, NS1, NS2, TJN, CDS, ARW, DMSATR, KCB, Br Hoffman 
Pledges: Mr. Sheely, Mr. Ashley
President: Kent's here! (Br Hoffman) Next meeting is last meeting of sem. Colorado State colony is being established as a chapter. If I could get 2 brothers to go with me that would be great.
Vice Pres: I-week still being planned. People said they wanted to do some stuff, come to brotherhood committee if you want to input.
Secretary: Minutes will be posted, get forms done
Treasurer: If I owe you a reimbursement, get on me, I'll do it
House Manager: Keep coming to workday. I'll get makeup chores up soon
Steward: If there is money, I'll do dinner during dead/finals weeks
Scholorship: study for finals
Pledge Class President: We discussed rush committee

Old Business:
Vending Machine
JMB offered to buy and run a vending machine for us, the profits of that would be split between JMB and the chapter.
Unanimous Passed
New Business
JMB- Can I get 60$ in steward budget to get an ice cream machine
TNT- Talk with the treasurer afterward

Br. Hoffman - I'll be here until Wednesday morning. Don't tow the Mazda in the back, or you will be billed that. Want to meet with Alumni board people when I can. I should be around to chat most of the time until I leave.
JDB- Trying to finish up a project for Thursday. I will try to be around, but if I'm not here, that's why
NS1- Puppies
CDS- Are you bread kidding me
ATR- Minecraft
TJN- Work sucks
KCB- Steam account got hacked, credit cards on it. Also, pledges, black book
ARW- I like having a member pad
JMB- Lambourghini unveiled an SUV this week
DMS- Nothing
NS2- Nothing
Pledge Ashley- You are correct
Pledge Nathan - trying to put together schedule for next sem and it's bad

Quote of the week: "Don't pick your nose with the gavel" ~ Paul to Andrew

Mophead Award - everyone who showed up

Member of the week - Not Clint