Name: 372
Title: 04.08.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: NS2, TJN, ATR, CDS, ARW, RSB, DMS, WRS, JMB, HTN

President:Saturday will be really busy. If you're going to Big Event, get your clothes for Founder's Day ready. Come to Founder's Day
Vice President: I-Week is being planned, week before the next semester starts
Secretary: Need to get minutes, then they will be posted
Treasurer: Dues are being paid
Scholorship: Study
Steward: No idea for dinner yet

Old Business:
New Business:

RSB-I am here this week
WRS-Why do we have history
HTN-dang, I'm early
CDS-wow, I'm #4
CMM-(as he walks in) Happy Easter!
ATR-Can't talk through granola (as eating granola)
TJN-Yea, got nothing, bees.
ARW-Hunger Games actually deserves it's hype
JMB-Linear algebra is dumb
NS2-Why doesn't sc2 have LAN

Quote of the week - none
Mophead - People who showed up for workday