Name: 371
Title: 03.25.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: WRS, PSS, NS1, CMM, MWB, CDS, ATR, TNT, TJN, JBM, ARW, DMS, NS2, 

Others:Pledge Ashley, Pledge Sheely, Ms Pitts, Alex,

President: Big event and National Founders Banquet are the same day, but Br.

Meizlish has agreed to push back Banquet by about an hour or so
VP: Retreat went well, I'm thinking of Wichita Mountains for next retreat, more

details later. For I-week, we're thinking of the week after the semester ends, but

I'll get with the pledges and confirm that.
Secretary: Need forms and minutes will be posted
Treasurer: Dues are this week. Haven't done reimbursements for retreat yet, but

that will happen soon
Rush:Rush committee will be meeting to plan events for next rush
Programming:emailed the university about other activities besides big event, got a

ton of events so we'll
ASK Liason: donated over 200 lbs of food from masquerade
Pledge Class President:Took a tour of the house

Old Business
New Business

WRS: Why do people think they'll do hw over spring break
PSS: A couple friends and I went to Missouri, we got the gavel from Raleigh. Also

had an interview this past thursday and think it went pretty well
NS1:Good job cleaning up
CMM:Personal projects are expensive
MWB:Mason Barber, Attorney at Law (Andrew: really? UMvC3 does not make you an

attorney) I'm thinking of it
CDS:Thank you for that comment andrew
ATR:You're welcome
TNT:Did taxes, got 1k back in return. Got a pie
TJN:Mass Effect 3 brought my productivity to 0 but it was awesome
ARW:went to six flags, have hw tonight
JBM:School is dumb
DMS:school is dumb
BMS:school lacks intelligence
Pledge Ashley:I caught fish
Pledge Sheely: School is dumb
Ms Pitts:something
Alex:We saw hunger games, I'm still confused

Brother of the week is "Br." Gingrich
Mophead is CDS

quote of the week: "Ethyl *mumble* Benzio *mumble* water!" "you can't read

chemistry" ~ Ryne and Alex