Name: 370
Title: 03.04.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Brothers Present: CDS, TNT, ATR, PSS, DMS, BMS,  CMM, NS1, NS2, JMB, MWB, TJN, (ARW late)
Pledges: Mr. Sheely, Mr. Cooley, Mr. Ashley, Mr. Ferron, Mr. Oladipo
Ms. Bean

President: Retreat will be coming up. Don't think I have anything else
Vice President: Retreat is next weekend. If you want to go, stay the night at the manor on friday. I want to leave early in the morning, maybe around 9:00 am. I need drivers, I have a maybe, and I'm driving.
Secretary: Minutes will be posted, minutes from last weekend were posted,
Treasurer: Absent, tardy, I will start sending emails to people about dues.
Rush Chair: Rush committee will plan this week for rush for next semester
Programming: Got nothing right now (CDS: If you're interested in first robotics, I will be putting together a group for it, and some ASKs will be a part of it too. It'll be on the 29th, 30th, and 31th. All volunteers will have to attend a meeting on that wednesday, I'll drive people if they need a ride, but just get with me if you're interested)
Scholorship: Since retreat is this weekend, make sure to get your homework done early.
House Manager: Work day went well
Pledge Educator: RSB just wanted to let us know that he won't be able to do the meeting time at 5 next week, he'd like to try to have it at 2:30 so that he can leave and get to his commitment
Pledge Class President: Today we talked about the initial stuff we need to do. (CDS:You need to get together to come up with a name)

Old Business:
Move to pass minutes:

New Business:
Amendment: To make a meeting mandatory, the officers must have it completely planned out and give a announcement about it at least 2 weeks or business meetings beforehand. (paraphrase)
Moving to table until next week.
Voting on this next week.

PSS: Wow, no longer sick
NS1: Life is awesome
CMM: Homework sucks
MWB: I'm a torpedo!
CDS: This housten gavel is nice and supple
ATR: I'm not sick and it's awesome outside
TNT: Why is it me?
TJN: Good to be hear for once
ARW: What? I miss being able to sleep in
JMB: School sucks
DMS: Life's good
NS2: Why am I sick again?
BMS: Stale pig reeks, Dishes were disgusting.
Mr. Cooley: Nothing
Mr. Ferron: Shoop da woop
Mr. Oladipo: I'm good
Mr. Ashley: Something about hating Mr. Sheely
Mr. Sheely: Nothing

Quote of the week: "There is no (i-hat), there is no (j-hat)..." "There is no spoon" ~ Tyler and Tanner
Mophead of the week: Dishes people
Member of the week: Powers for the pig