Name: 368
Title: 02.19.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Triangle business meeting minutes 2/19/12

Others: AJQ, BCP, MCP

President: We will have pledging next sunday, formal, braums run after
Vice Pres: Retreat on march 10th, everyone should go
Secretary: Minutes will be posted
Treasurer: Not present, In an email
Rush Chair: You should go talk to the last two potentials, We have 3 bids in
Programming: Who is interested in doing Big Event? We'll see about doing it. Let's try to make sure it's not at a church. Sign up will go around
This semester's rush is almost over, so we're going to start planning social events. Monday at 4:00 for meeting
House Manager: People need to start showing up to workday
Steward: If you can't show up Tues, or Thurs, tell me, if you don't show up to your assigned day, there will be fines. Tacos for chapter dinner, Chicken Alfredo the week after.
Scholorship: Study, a lot. Study room is back together
ASK Liason: Thanks for letting us use the manor last night and Big Event!
House Director: Fire Marshall will be back on Thursday, very important that AC units and emergency exits need to be clear.

Old Business:
Minutes passed
Going through Constitution
Discuss changing 3/4 members needed for quorum
Discuss changing prepartion to deadline for 2nd business meeting
Discuss changing Article 3, section 3
Discuss changing Article 4, section 2
Discuss changing Article 5, section 6
Discuss changing Rules and Regulations rule 11
New Business
Meeting to discuss adding rules to the Constitution about required events

RSB: Not driving to dinner
AEB: Good to see you reading the constitution
WRS: Grease particles in my nose, 4 1/2 pages into my 6-8 page paper
PSS: Found duct tape ball!
NS1: I like them big balls
CMM: Contact board 1 mm apart
MWB: What the Bread
HTN: eh...
CDS: Herp er... Qwamp
ATR; It can physically cannot be the alternator
TNT: My car is fixed
JMB: there is a pool, ping-pong tournament tomorrow, 200$
DMS: I'm gonna win it
NS2: Still sick
BMS: Bread Lougehrig's disease
KCB: Sorry I haven't been around lately, been dealing with family issues

Brother of the week: Everyone that worked on TNT's car
Mophead Award: JMB for bringing the angle-grinder for the griddle
Quote of the week: "It physically cannot be the alternator" ~ Clint