Name: 366
Title: 01.29.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Triangle business meeting minutes 1/29/12
Brothers present: TNT, BMS, ATR, PSS, CDS, DMS, NS1, NS2, RSB, ARW, CMM, WRS, WJB, JDB
Others: BCP, AJQ

President: Rush is going well, keep up the good work
Vice Pres: keep March 10-11 open for retreat.
Secretary: Minutes will be posted, got the webmaster stuff sorted out, so I'll start doing that too
Treasurer: I will be the true treasurer soon, I sent the budget out, so email me if you see any potential problems, and tell why. Pay dues.
Rush: Thanks to everyone for making BBQ such a great success. Next is TASK gamenight, so if there is anything you want to help with or donate to the game night, feel free to help out. Questions, comments, complaints, perspective, go to Pres, VP, or Rush. We have tons of drinks leftover from BBQ, so they're not free game, they're going to Game Night. Flyers are in the process of being approved. We still have to hear back if we can get Cate Main available. Get the LAN party flyers/chalking approved by Tuesday/Wednesday. We also need space at the Huff for the 16th for Ballistics Lab. Again, thanks for the great work last week. Looking forward to a good week this week.
Programming: Programming comittee is meeting at 4:00 pm on Monday. Try to get to it, if you have a problem with the time, tell me, so I can get the time changed. Also Big Event, April.
Steward: Pizza on Tuesday
Scholorhood: Go talk to your profs before you have a problem, so when you have a problem they'll know you. Get to know your professors
House Director: The sprayer in the kitchen is broken. Just ordered a new one on the internet. Hobart still needs to be scrubbed some more. Once that happens, there will be a class about how to use the kitchen. Wash your dishes. We cleaned the fridges out a little bit. No 2 liters, no plastic bags in the kitchen, the water dispenser thing is coming soon, I guess. I think that's it.
House Manager: Work day starts at 2. I'll start giving makeup chores to people who don't or can't show up
ASK Liason: Our next rush event is the same as yours. We asked about if we could use the room here for masquerade and do it together on the 14th.

Old business:
New business:

Br. RSB: I'm gonna try to get a group to A-Kon. So if you're interested, talk to me very soon. I want that done by the end of February.
Br. WRS: Got a lot of work to do. Glad I had 3 days of weekend instead of 2.
Br. PSS: Been feeling not so well this weekend. Signed to take the FE in April, not gonna be fun.
Br. NS1: Got more puppies on the way, they're looking pretty good
Br. CMM: This semester will be more enjoyable than the last
Br. CDS: FML homework
Br. ATR: I agree with Clay, this semester will be better than last
Br. TNT: Found out my roommate watches Yugioh. 2nd best thing to happen today (Br. RSB: Man, your days are terrible) I'm awesome.
Br. ARW: I am now 19, and I have a ton of homework to do
Br. JMB: Do your dishes
Br. DMS: Nothing much
Br. NS2: I'm sad mason is gone, because I need to be mad at him for bringing Persona back to me when I have homework due.
Br. BMS: What, No. I get to go home and do all this cleaning all over again
AJQ: For everyone complimenting the scent of the chicken cooking, there will be cheese enchiladas
BCP: I kinda cracked up because I realized Br. Runyan sounds like Br. Onion.

Br. JDB:Things are going pretty well. I have some free time. Everyone get a jump on rush and school.

"Did you pop her corn?"
"Did you add butter?"
~ Andrew and Tyler
Mophead award - Br. JMB
Member of the week - Br. TNT