Name: 365
Title: 01.22.2012
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Triangle business meeting minutes 


Brothers present: TNT, CDS, NS1,


Others: AJQ,BCP

President: First meeting, got a

lot to get through
VP: Retreat on march 3rd, get on

brotherhood committee to do it
Secretary: Minutes posted, Need to

get back forms from most of you
Treasurer: Budget set, have more

money to distribute if needed,
Rush: Going over the schedule,

need someone to be in charge of

triangle and ask night and for

nerf war. Need at least one

assistant for each event too.

General list of things need to be

done for each rush event on the

board. Won't be posting ballistics

lab until next business meeting.

Join Rush committee if you want

to. Cold call people by tomorrow

night. Welcome went well. Buy

things by THURSDAY. Will be taking

people to do that. If you're in

charge of an event, talk with

Tiffany Smith and get flyers and

chalking approved. Any general

questions on rush, talk to Tyler.
Programming: Need people in

committee. Going to be sending out

weekly emails of events.
House Manager: Today was good work

day. Very good cleaning. Very

proud! Cookies! We'll start having

workday at 2pm again. Tuesday

cleanup after Chapter Cleanup;

also in charge of making sure

trashcans get to curb and back.

Long list of projects we're going

to try and get through for

workday, minor things. If you see

anything needs to be done, send an

email or text. Same for if you

need something bought.
Steward: Lasagna for dinner next

week. Send out an email with who's

cooking, tuesday cleaning, and

thursday cleaning
ASK liason: For game night, the

person on our side is Elena, if

you want to get with her and

coordinate. We're thinking of

bringing food snack items.
Historian: Got nothing, When we

have something to take pictures

of, I'll take pictures. Talk with

Alex to make sure I can develop

Pledge Educator: Nothing
House Director: When you park

here, There are some railroad

ties, park parallel to that, park

as close as you can to the car

next to you. Start at one end,

it'll be fine. If you get here

early enough, park on the street,

since we're low on parking.

Old Business:
New Business:
CDS: Comittees, Everyone needs to

be signed up on at least one

committee, preferably two, while

we're going to discuss where to

TNT: Also, for the rush comittee,

I'll be setting up a time to meet,

meetings weekly or bi-weekly.
CDS: If you are the chair of a

comittee, make sure you have your

members and meeting time set.

Length is your preference. Other

than that, we have formal rush

this week. We'll be having house

tours from 6 - 7:40. 9-11 for open

house For everyone here, we'll go

to dinner between.
PSS: Set atire for formal rush?
CDS: Look nice, jeans are ok,

preferably not a t-shirt. Button-

up shirt is required.
TNT: I'm supposed to be giving a

speech, when is that?
PSS: You can appoint someone to

give the speech for you
TNT: Thank god
ATR: Movie night starts after

formal rush ends?
CDS: During the open house session
ATR: The sheet says 9
CDS: so tell your contacts that

it's *by* 9.
ATR: Speaking of contacts, make

sure you sign up for contacts.

Still have a lot of people who are

unaccounted for.
CDS: If you see someone with a

bare name and the same major, just

give them a call.
ARW: Emails ok?
CDS: call too, preferably not

text, because they might not have

that capability. Come around 5:15

to help set up for formal rush
PSS: What about chapter dinner on

CDS: That's why it's lasagna
BMS: But formal rush tours end at

7:40 so should we push things back

We'll check the cook time and get

things done. Bonfire stuff now
TNT: Bring the grill for bonfire.

Br. BPG: The ravens lost because

of a 32 yard field goal
Br. RSB: Still sick
Br. WJB:
Br. Aaron: no more schoolsa
Br. PSS: Solid state will kick my

Br. NS1: Cookies
Br. CMM: me already? 8:30 classes

sad face
Br. MWB: Managed to get up at 7:00

am every morning this week
Br. CDS: Dog ate my MoHeat book,

still usable, but he ate it.

Br. ATR: Got my books! for 100$

Br. TNT: I moved up farther.

Broncos are out of it
Br. TJN: I don't like my job,

people suck.
Br. KCB: spent 4 hours with my

parents on phone
Br. ARW: Woo, school
Br. JMB: grease traps are

Br. NS2: still sick, finally over

it I think
Br. BMS: finally over it
AJQ: woo graduating

BCP: very tired

CDS, JMB, CMM are brothers of the

Quote of the week:
"So... what is Triangle to you?" -

"Well... Brothership" - Bruce