Name: 364
Title: 12.04.2011
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Triangle business meeting minutes 12/4/11

Brothers present: TNT, RWS, NS2, HTN, PSS, BMS, DMS, CDS, CMM, ATR, ARW, MWB, KCB, AEB

President: Dead week
VP: I-week in January
Treasurer: dues
Secretary: Typing
House Director: Keep the house clean
Programming: Not here
Scholorship: Dead week, be quiet, study for finals, pass them
Steward: No chapter dinner, cleanup still needs to be done, want to get shifts so that each person spends less time on it
Athletics: Going to be doing more athletics next semester, getting a workout schedule together (optional), more atheltic rush events, more stuff with ASK
Pledge President: none
Pledge Project Leader: the board is up
Pledge Alumni Liason: none

Old Business:
New Business:

Br. AEB: Something
Br. RWS: Last I get to do business meeting :D
Br. PPS: Nop
Br. CMM: Feel bad for Landry
Br. MWB: "Not your announcement
Br. HTN: zzzzz
Br. CDS: Don't come to me for treasurer stuff
Br. ATR: Lazy weekend; good weekend, next weekend; bad weekend
Br. TNT: Lot of stuff sucks
Pledge. Kyle: Kind of sick at the moment
Pledge. ARW: Don't snap at people, goodluck
Pledge. BMS: Math is dumb
Pledge. DMS: We don't have the worst QB, Texas does
Pledge. NS2: You got my last name right, didn't even try my first.

Cthulu board is brother of the week
Quote of the week: "'I'm not going to add fuel to the fire...' 'Then you should add fire to the fuel!'" - Paul and Mason