Name: 363
Title: 11.27.2011
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Triangle business meeting minutes 11/27/11

Brothers present: TNT, RWS, NS1, NS2, HTN, CDS, PSS, BMS, AEB, DMS, CMM
Others: BCP

President: Nothing happened, disappointment over lack of parking.
VP: Brotherhood event on Tuesday successful. Want to do another before deadweek
Treasurer: Also disappointed about lack of parking. New billing cycle with no new dues, just as reminder.
Secretary (Acting):
House Manager: work day went ok. still need supplies. Make a Sams run tonight
Steward: Nothing.
Programming: End of the year party soon, end of year. After finals, book burning party
Athletics: needs advice on whether to do dodgeball/raquetball on Friday. At around 4-5 pm.
Support OU athletics
Pledge President: Read Everyman
Pledge Historian: Pictures from banquet need to be put up.
Pledge Alumni Liason: Same as before/Nothing
ASK Liason: I-week this week, Initiation on Saturday.

Old Business:
New Business:

Br. AEB: Yay turkey.
Br. RWS: Moustache
Br. PPS: Gobble, Gobble, Gobble
Br. NS1: Yummy Foods
Br. CMM:I saw a dragon fighting a horse, the horse survived
Br. HTN: Erdinger(sp?)
Br. CDS: Shooting guns on thanksgiving is an awesome tradition
Br. TNT: Ugh........... Yeah.
Pledge DMS: Guns on thanksgiving yeah!
Pledge NS2: Thanksgiving is good until every store is closed
Pledge BMS: This next week is my dead week, and dead week is my free week.
Ms. BCP: Sick kittens :<

Dallas is the brother of the week
Quote of the Week: "Oh, stop you NEIGH-sayer" - Andrew