Name: 362
Title: 09.11.2011
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Minutes 9-11-11

Brothers present: TJN, CMM, JLF, MMZ, CDS, TNT, MWB, WRS, HN, PSS, RB
ASK Liaison: Bryonna Pitt

President: This Thursday, Nationals will be here to meet with Exec Council, so speak to me to set up a meeting time.
VP: I don't have anything, be nice to each other.
Treasurer: You all should be getting something in the mail this week SO PAY IT.
Rush: We have 4 people sitting in queue, form bid teams, it's gonna be groovy.
Secretary: FancyFalcon, a.k.a. Br. Andrew is now playing MineCraft *laughter ensues*
House Manager: Work day was decent, mop head goes to Tanner. An email will go out concerning if you can't make it to work day. I don't care about the excuse, just so I can know beforehand. Possible fine for failing to notify about missing work day before 1PM on workday. If we find stray dishes, we will add 15 mins to workday
Resident Manager: Clean your puppies. Continue to wash and then rinse and then bleach and then rinse again your puppies
Steward: Chapter dinner will be Tuesday this week, chicken tortilla soup
Programming: (absent) Send availability to Nils, puppies.
Athletics: Insanity will be starting on the 16th, it will be at 7AM contact me if you are interested, I will be setting up Racquetball on Tuesdays, time and place TBD (before or after Chapter Dinner)
ASK Liaison: ZumiCon: we considered buying tickets in bulk, so talk to us about going to get discounted ticket prices. ZumiCon is November 11-13

New business:
Br. Bruce: Nothing
Br. Boles: I have a cold, sorry if I spread it to you puppies. Oh, and Happy 9/11. Also, remember that the TV in the living room is mine
Br. Smith: Next week is going to be interesting, I have a lot of exams, hope I skip on the colds
Br. Sanders: Puppies analog electronics
Br. Foster: Can't wait to graduate. Haven't found a job yet. Found some old hockey sticks in my room...
Br. Miller: Finally got a competent phone but it's an Apple product... LAN party went well
Br. Barber: Minecraft 1.8
Br. Zarachoff: Puppies work.
Br. Nguyen: shotsshotsshotsshotsshotsshotsshotsshots
Br. Shepherd: puppies my life
Br. Toth: The brother that was supposed to come before me and after Clint is a loser and fails at life. Yeah, sudoku. Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies
Br. Nees: X-Men: First Class was awesome. That is all I have to say.
Ms. Pitt: My housewarming party is on Friday

Member of the week: Br. Miller
Quote of the week: "Oh, you like puppy waffles, do you?" -Br. Boles