Name: 361
Title: 08.28.2011
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Triangle business meeting minutes 8/28/11

Brothers present: TJN, CMM, CDS, JLF, HTN, WRS, AEB, NS, PSS, ATR, RB, MWB, MZ, TNT
Others: AQ

President: Nothing to say... Do i have anything to say?
VP: Build up brotherhood, be nice to each other
Treasurer: (Passes out budget sheets) If we have any problems with the numbers, let me know ASAP. The only difference is Scholarship has $100 if you want to rent a room we talked about raising Pladge ed. other than that we should be okay.
PSS: How do I get money out of the Steward account?
Treasurer: bring me a receipt, and I'll get it for you.
Br. CDS moves to pass, everyone seconds
Rush: I love each and every one of you, contacts are online, make some calls, with some luck, after bowling we should have five more bid cards.Call your contacts!
Secretary: Nothing to report. I am typing what I am saying.
House Manager: House is continuing to stay clean, I will try to set a schedule for alternating chores, setting some things to be done every other week, etc.I will start by possibly adding another hour for workday or adding an extra day for work. Mop Head goes to everyone.
Br. WJB proposed an "outside cleanup" for the property once it gets colder.
Br. RB: the new door combination will be deleted tonight, I will announce the new one.
Br. WJB proposed making a puppy chart for parking
Br. PSS: Chapter dinner is on Tuesdays at 7, $5 for anyone not on a meal plan, if you do not have availability, let me know so I can get you off of meal plan. This week it will be lasagna and garlic bread. Cooking: PSS and CDS. Tues. Cleanup: Ryne. Thurs. Cleanup: MWB, JLF, CMM
Scholarship: I want everyone to make an opportunity to make a schedule of work and class on a Google schedule so we can send it to everyone so we can plan events accordingly, add personal items so we know your availability. I will be planning an event where people will do their homework with me there so we don't have any fiascos like last time, at least six hours a week, want to make sure everyone's up to speed with everything.
AQ: casey is the scholarship chair, Liaison is Anna, mtgs. are 6:30 on Sundays. Great job with welcome, and we'll get your LEGOS back ASAP
Athletics: I need everyone's availability so we can plan any exercise events, looking at a balanced diet plan along with about 30 minutes of exercise per week. It will help keep everyone in shape and relieve stress. Attempting 60-day Insanity Program. If you want to do it with me let me know, it is going to kick your puppy.
Programming needs a Programming committee

New Business:
Composites tabled
Programming and Brotherhood do not yet have a committee, will have people sign up on a sheet, everyone should sign up for two or will be assigned to committees

Br. RB: Has an 800 Watt amp that has buzz
Br. AEB: School is cool, that is all.
Br. PSS: I don't got much, research is fun, things are fun.
Br. NS: Puppies are great, puppies you all.
Br. JLF: I can't wait to graduate.
Br. CMM: Apparently my rep has sunk... Shpaing up to be a tough semester, but hopefully I can pull through.
Br. MWB: I am the night. I am the puppy Batman. Johnson Rap - puppies, puppiespuppiespuppiespuppies
Br. MZ: Dropped to 14 hours so the puppies don't kill me.
Br. HTN: Housewarming was great.
Br. ATR: The Creepers' trying to get our stuff again.
Br. TNT: i am surrounded by idiots. Doing the 60-day either A. I will die a horrible death, or B. I will be able to lift all of you with my pinkie.
Br. TJN: I am typing right now this is awkward. I'm trying to type as fast as I can talk...
Ms. AQ: Apparently I don't warrant an announcement
Ms. Staig: i'm getting better.

Nils is the brother of the week
Quote of the Week: "EVery time I explain the birds and the bees, I get raped" -Br. MWB