Name: 360
Title: 04.03.2011
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Roll Call
Br. Senkowski
Br. Bruce
Br. Browder - Present
Br. Smith - Present
Br. Brandt - Present
Br. Sanders - Present
Br. Ashley - Absent
Br. Foster - Present
Br. Miller - Present
Br. Barber - Present
Br. Collins - Absent
Br. Hignite - Absent
Br. Zarachoff - Absent
Br. Nguyen - Absent
Br. Pacheco - Absent
Br. Shepherd - Present
Br. Runyan - Absent
Br. Frazier - Absent
Pl. Toth
Pl. Nees
Ms. Quiroga

President - nothing for next week

VP - nothing

Treasurer - absent

Secretary - nothing

House Manager - Next week we'll be cleaning the walls.

Steward - Dinner will be BCCS. Notify me if you need a late plate.

House Director - Second floor painting needs to be finished and/or put away.

Pledge Educator -
Pl. Toth - We'll be holding a BBQ at Reave's park the Friday before deadweek. (April 24)

Founder's Banquet - We've found a caterer, as long as everyone is ok with Linguini and Lasagna.

Old Business:
No quorum

New Business:


Br. Senkowski: I got heat on Thursday after living in the house since October. My b-day party was fantastic.

Br. Bruce: Not first.

Br. Browder: Neh.

Br. Smith: Big Event was a big crazy fest, everyone was crazy.

Br. Brandt: I don't have anything interesting

Br. Sanders: Work, work, work

Br. Foster: I'm making a video game

Br. Miller: Woo, insurance fraud, I really wish the 3DS launch lineup wasn't so lame.

Br. Barber: The house manager position will now be called the quarter master

Br. Shepard: It's a nice day outside, I need to take a nap in a hammock

Pl. Toth: I second the hammock motion. We'll be working on Pledge class project on Teusday. I won't be at retreat.

Pl. Nees: I won't be making retreat, I can't get people to work for me for two days in a row.

Ms. Quiroga: I enjoyed Avenue Q. Big little ceremony at 7.

Member of the week: Everyone who came today.

Quote of the week: