Name: 359
Title: 03.27.2011
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Roll Call
Br. Browder - Present
Br. Smith - Present
Br. Brandt - Present
Br. Sanders - Absent
Br. Ashley - Absent
Br. Foster - Present
Br. Miller - Present
Br. Barber - Present
Br. Collins - Absent
Br. Hignite - Absent
Br. Zarachoff - Present
Br. Nguyen - Present
Br. Pacheco - Present
Br. Shepherd - Present
Br. Runyan - Present
Br. Frazier - Present
Pl. Toth
Pl. Nees
Ms. Quiroga
Ms. Denman


Vp: Retreat is April 9th, everyone is expected to attend. We may be staying in cabins, because of a burn ban, so maybe no campfires.

Rush: We've got a rough rush schedule forming, I'll be sending out a list of the events soon.

Scholarship: I'm having one on one meetings, so come see me if you haven't already.

Philanthropy: Come to meeting to discuss IFC philanthropies. Sign up for Big Event this week.

Steward: Chapter dinner is going to be chili and cornbread.

House Director: The front door is being weird, and isn't fixed yet. After you put in the code wait five seconds and it will open.

Pledge Educator: I'm requiring the pledges to attend each committee's meeting, so committee leaders please email the pledges list.

ASK Liason: Retreat was awesome. Big-little is this coming weekend. Founders Day is May 1rst.

Old Business:

New Business:

Budget is passed

Br. Bruce : I has a new car.

Br. Browder : No, I don't have anything

Br. Smith : I have a test next week in Numerical Methods.

Br. Brandt : I've started running in the morning, if anyone wants to join me. around 7:30

Br. Foster : I've got my internship officially, passed my drug test.

Br. Miller : Today will go down in history as March 27th, 2011.

Br. Barber : My 360 is alive again.

Br. Collins : I've finally got Windows 7 installed, and now it's acting up

Br. Zarachoff : Thank the gods for Planned Parenthood, and plan B.

Br. Nguyen : I've upgraded to the next level.

Br. Pacheco : This week was fun, not looking forward to the next one.

Br. Shepard : Stuff happens

Br. Runyan : Dropping Expo was the best idea this semester.

Br. Frazier : My Father had brain surgery and I beat a girl in a mountain bike race by 2 minutes.

Pl. Toth : I might be going home teusday to support a friend of mine, who had a friend?relative die in a car crash.

Pl. Nees : I was completely unaware of the fact I was getting a girlfriend.

Ms. Quiroga : I'm turning 21.

Ms. Denman : My puppy got neutered.

Member of the week: Pledges for their first business meeting.