Name: 355
Title: 02.13.2011
Last modified: 2011-02-20
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Roll Call	
Br. Bruce
Br. Browder - Present
Br. Smith - Present
Br. Brandt - Present
Br. Sanders - Present
Br. Ashley - Absent
Br. Hudson
Br. Foster - Present
Br. Miller - Present
Br. Barber - Present
Br. Collins - Present
Br. Hignite - Absent
Br. Zarachoff - Absent
Br. Nguyen - Present
Br. Pacheco - Absent
Br. Shepherd - Present
Br. Runyan - Absent
Br. Frazier - Absent
Ms. Quiroga
Ms. Denman

Presidents: Good week

VP: Nothing

Treasurer: Absent

Rush: Absent

Secretary: I'm still waiting on paperwork from some of you.


House Manager: Lights on the front porch have been replaced. Work day went well. Br. Sanders is mophead.

House Director: Door code will be changing

Scholarship: Be prepared for me to yell at you.

ASK Liason: Masquerade will be the 5th of March
Retreat 25-27th March
Candidate Ceremony Sunday
Initiation April 17th

Old Business:
Minutes are passed without objection

New Business:
Ryan Johnson, National Director of Chapter Development, will be coming March 8th to 11th


Br. Bruce: I am farming.

Br. Browder: I am still getting my feet on the ground for capstone. But I gave a presentation on what I'm supposed to be doing.

Br. Smith: I dislike Numerical Methods, especially when the professor thinks we've taken programming classes

Br. Brandt: Schools sucks, working on website.

Br. Sanders: I got a date with the Creek county judge tomorrow

Br. Hudson: 5 more days until Friday

Br. Foster: Life is stressful

Br. Miller: I have to write code for an UNO game and I have a week to do it.

Br. Barber: I have found great joy in Wii games

Br. Collins: I have spent 24 hours writing a game and learning JAVA programming

Br. Nguyen: Being pampered is nice

Br. Sheppard: Three tests on Wednesday :'(

Br. Runyan: Just got off work.

Ms. Quiroga: I've eaten so much food this weekend.

Ms. Denman: Um, yeah, puppy is fun.

Member of the week: Br. Zarachof for helping out Hillel

Quote of the week: "I don't want your juices, Andrew" - Mason