Name: 353
Title: 12.05.2010
Last modified: 2011-04-03
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Minutes - 12/5/2010

[last meeting of the semester]

President's Report: I've got nothing.

VP's Report: Aftermeeting is right after this.

Treasurer's Report: Pay your dues.

Secretary's Report: [typing]

Brotherhood Chair: We made a tentative schedule for I-Week. We will be discussing it at aftermeeting.

Rush Chair: Make a checksheet, usable at any event, that has info: Locations, cost assessments, etc. We still need to make a more official version, but that's for next meeting.

Scholarship Chair: Dead week is starting. I will be enforcing a Keep It Quiet policy for the ground floor. If you're having trouble, go to study sessions and talk to your professor.

House Manager: Workday went pretty well.

Steward: Chapter dinner this week will be Baked Ziti. This is the end of meal plan. We need a steward for next year. That's kind of important.

House Director: I hopefully fixed the water leak in the serving area. I have a list of other things that are broken, including two heaters. We also have a pretty bad mice problem. Anyone want to volunteer to be Mouse Chair, to place and replace the sticky traps? Oh, and please put furniture back in a sane manner when you're done arranging it. And pay your rent on time. Anyone want to help out decorating for Christmas?

Appointed Officers:
Programming Chair: We're planning on putting Poker Night back together.

Old Business: The amendments. Vote on it?
Vote: 9 for, 0 against. Passes.

New Business: We need a list of where and when non-brothers should not be in the manor during I-week.


Br. Bruce: I need a job.

Br. Wilson: My computer is broken. I'm trying to fix it, but we'll see. Yeah, and stuff.

Br. Browder: I've got nothing.

Br. Smith: TheraFlu does funky things to my body.

Br. Brandt: I don't know if I have anything.

Br. Ashley: I've got a lot going on.

Br. Schlupp: 23 more days.

Br. Foster: I'm busy.

Br. Miller: Tired.

Br. Barber: Starving. Oh, and Br. Wilson needs to shave his head. [Invoke the Personal Hygiene bylaws?]

Br. Collins: I'd have been more available this last week, but a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved. [Professor Layton]

Br. Zarachoff: It's been two days, and I'm still hanging together, thanks to you guys.

Br. Pacheko: I hate one of my professors for making me use a slide rule on a test.

Pledge Frasier: Cute puppy is cute.

Ms. Kiroga: Cute puppy has teeth. Also, I have an eight-foot-long Great Wall of China that I'd like colored, if anyone could help.

Ms. Kidson: Not a whole lot. I'm pretty clear until finals. I had a fun run-in with a mouse today.

Member of the Week: Pledge Frasier.

Quote of the Week: "My name is Ryan Bruce and I am a huge fan of caulk." -Br. Miller