Name: 352
Title: 11.28.2010
Last modified: 2011-04-03
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Minutes - 11/28/10
President's Report:
VP's Report:
Treasurer's report:
Secretary's report:
Recruitment chair:
Scholarship chair:
Break is almost over.
House manager:
Break went well.
Meal this week is chicken tortillas. I am not going to be steward next year, so if you want to be steward, let me know.
House Manager:
I will be talking to Randy Woods this week.
Appointed officers:
Old Business:
More restructuring needed for the committee system.
New Business:
Br. Bruce: I have a new job. Yay money.
Br. Browder: Thanksgiving break was busy up until Friday, and I had an awesome weekend.
Br. Smith: Raves, parties, fun fun fun.
Br. Brandt: I don't have anything this week.
Br. Sanders: Not much. Apparently, I suck at math.
Br. Schlupp: Cookies are tasty. Turkey is too. LAN party was fun. If anyone doesn't have The Orange Box, buy it; it's only $7.50 right now.
Br. Foster: Finally finished my capstone project.
Br. Miller: Nothing.
Br. Barber: I was stuck in a 40-minute traffic jam in OKC.
Br. Collins: [typing]
Br. Zarachoff: I think Minecart is a pretty cool guy.
Br. Nguyen: Break was fun.
Br. Pacheko: I love snickerdoodles. Break was like a rollercoaster. Black Friday was terrible.
Pledge Shepherd: I ingested way more tryptophan than my body had room for.
Mr. Frasier: I tried to send an email to Powers about picking him up, but it failed. So I'll pick him up tonight from the train station.
Member of the week: Clay, for LAN party.
Quote of the week: "Shut your mouth, or I'll make Higgy[Br. Hignite] rape you." -Britney