Name: 349
Title: 11.07.2010
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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President's Report:
Next weekend is Founder's Day Banquet and composites. Composites will be at 4pm. You should be here at 6 for banquet. Bring any guests you want, as long as they RSVP. Elections are the following Sunday, so think about who you would like to nominate for what positions.


Please pay your bills, we owe people money.

I am typing what I am saying.

Recruit. Chair:

Someone managed to get one test turned in, but it wasn't anyone in the chapter. So please turn in your tests.

[position no longer exists, due to Alumni's editing of the constitution]

We have community towels now, so we need to figure out some rules on use and where we want to put them.

Next week is Breakfast for Dinner.

Resident Manager:
This is my [Br. Powers] last announcement as resident manager. Isn't this awesome? Address all comments and complaints to the next guy.

Appointed Officer Reports:
Social Chair:


ASK/Triangle Liaison:

Philanthropy Chair:


Old Business:

Minutes will be posted [once I stop being lazy].

New Business:
We were discussing some restructuring of the actives during Retreat, and we now have a written copy of how the active organization will be restructured. Almost all positions will now be committees, with the Executive Council consisting of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the five committee leaders. We will discuss later about whether or not the Programming Chair should be an elected position or not. This committee plan will be edited with brothers' inputs, and we will be making these changes at the end of the semester [Fall 2010], so this will come into effect next semester [Spring 2011].

A trial period is starting this week; so please get with your committees this week and see what you can get done.

Also, we are implementing a point system for next semester. Once again, this will need some rewriting from brothers' inputs. Basically, it means each brother needs to earn a certain amount of points each semester in order to remain an active. Brothers will earn points by attending business meetings and aftermeetings, attending philanthropy events, etc.

Also, Daylight Savings.


Br. Powers: I'll be moving out over the course of the week. I'll be having a House-Cooling party in my room Friday Night. Don't leave it too messy for the next guy [Br. Bruce].

Br. Williams: I'm Sean Williams, for most of you who don't know. My bond number is 142, if that's any help. I don't make it over here that much. Nothing to announce, just to say hi.

Br. Bruce: I'm going to be moving downstairs as I become Resident Manager. I still need another job.

Br. Browder: I'm writing a novel for November.

Br. Smith: Austin, TX is surprisingly fun.

Br. Brandt: We may get to rewrite the program we're working with at work, that's kinda fun.

Br. Sanders: I start work on Tuesday, after several months of waiting.

Br. Ashley: Pretty good.

Br. Schlupp: Same here.

Br. Foster: Pretty good.

Br. Miller: Pretty sucks. Exams every week forever.

Br. Collins: I'm still typing what I am saying.

Br. Zarachoff: I had a three-layer dream last night, kinda creepy.

Br. Nguyen: Sniffle sniffle cough achoo. [these are not onomatopoeia, he said these words]

Br. Pacheko: I just got done destroying the universe on a test.

Pledge Shepard: Pledge class project will be either a new TV, a new shed for the backyard, or electric hand dryers.

Ms. Kiroga: It was really glad to have a nice baby shower Saturday.

Member of the Week: Pledge Clint, for bringing in the new poker table.

Quote of the Week: "We are not making a combination crematorium/forge/pizza oven on the back porch." -Br. Boles