Name: 348
Title: 10.17.2010
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Br. Grady

Br. Powers

Br. Bruce

Br. Wilson

Br. Browder
Br. Smith

Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley
Br. Schlupp

Br. Foster
Br. Miller
Br. Barber
Br. Collins

Br. Zarachoff
Br. Nguyen

President's Report:
Retreat is this weekend. Festival of Sin is the 30th.


Nothing going on.

I am typing what I am saying. I finally created the pledges list, now I just need to upload minutes.

Recruit. Chair:
I've got nothing.

For the exams you get handed back, please give them to me so I can put them in the test bank. You may want to use white-out to cover up your name.


Workday went pretty well. Lost and Found are overflowing; I'll be donating all of it to Goodwill in a week.

This morning, half of the cups were in the sinks, and the other half were spread throughout the house. If you have fast food trash, please take it to the trash can; don't just leave it lying around. This week, we will be having roast beef with spinach and garlic au gratin.

Resident Manager:

Appointed Officer Reports:
Social Chair:
We'll talk more about festival at aftermeeting.


ASK/Triangle Liaison:
We're having a sleepover next Saturday night, while you guys are at retreat.

Philanthropy Chair:


Old Business:

Minutes will be posted [once I stop being lazy].
Does anyone besides Br. Ashley want to design our T-shirt, so we can have one?

New Business:

The National Council has informed us that some chapters use a committee organization instead of having officers. Ideas? A plan for committees is already in the constitution, how about we read that and discuss it?


Br. Cole: I'm getting married; it's going to be two weeks from today, and I'm going to need some help cleaning because Festival of Sin will be the night before.

Br. Bruce: I might be reducing my number of jobs by 1, but I still need a new one.

Br. Browder: Friday was fun, we played frisbee; it was fun, more people should come.

Br. Smith: I'm good.

Br. Brandt: I don't have anything interesting to say.

Br. Sanders: Friday was a blast.

Br. Schlupp: Cookies!

Br. Foster: Played in a fun one-shot roleplay yesterday.

Br. Miller: I'm enjoying classes.

Br. Collins: I am still typing what I am saying. I was working all Friday and Saturday, if anyone was wondering where I was.

Br. Hignite: I need work.

Br. Nguyen: Howdy.

Br. Pacheko: I had an amazing Friday.

Ms. Kiroga: I actually get to sleep in my own bed this week!

Ms. Hendrix: I already gave you my two cents; don't hit on the girls.

Member of the Week: Br. Miller and Br. Sanders, for collecting $790 on Saturday for parking.

Quote of the Week: "This time, we'll be ready for [Br. Cole] and his sneaky-ass jailbait children." -anonymous [not the group on the Internet]