Name: 347
Title: 10.10.2010
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Br. Grady

Br. Powers

Br. Bruce

Br. Wilson

Br. Browder
Br. Smith

Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley
Br. Schlupp

Br. Foster
Br. Miller
Br. Barber
Br. Collins

Br. Zarachoff
Br. Nguyen

President's Report:
Retreat is weekend after next. We're still discussing where we'll be going. Founder's Banquet is November 13th.


We don't owe anything, which is good.
[Br. Collins] Um, yes we do.
Okay, we don't owe anything to Nationals.
[Br. Collins] Um, yes we do. I'll talk about it in my section.

I am typing what I am saying. The pledging fees will get mailed to nationals either today or tomorrow; either way, it will be on time. Also, I will be updating the email lists and posting minutes this week, aka actually doing my job.

Recruit. Chair:
I've got nothing.

If you've been checking your email, they've sent out early progress reports. Check it to see how you're doing. If you feel that you could have done better, talk to your professors. Stay caught up, keep going to classes, do well.


Workday went pretty well. Lost and Found are overflowing; I'll be donating them to Goodwill in a week.

When you finish a dish, rinse it out; otherwise, it's a pain to clean. This week is Basalmic pork; Tuesday at 7, as always.

Resident Manager:
Our next home game is this weekend at 6, so we'll need to do parking. I will not be in town, is anyone volunteering?

Appointed Officer Reports:
Social Chair:
[from Br. Bruce] Festival of Sin is October 30th. We have no one person running it, so we're putting together a group to run it.


ASK/Triangle Liaison:
ASK is having retreat next weekend.

Philanthropy Chair:
[from Br. Browder] Shack-A-Thon went well. 500 experience points to everyone who participated.


Old Business:

Minutes will be posted [once I stop being lazy]
T-shirts are being worked on.

New Business:

Retreat; we need to figure out where we'll be going.
[from Br. Meizlish] You guys really should go to retreat, especially this one. This is a good opportunity for you guys to get to know each other a little better. If you're going to make sacrifices to get to a retreat, this is the one to go to.

Vote: Have retreat close by or far away?
Vote passed: we'll be having retreat far away.

[from Br. Meizlish] I was asked by Br. Mercer to take the position of Chairman of the Board about a year ago, and I've been looking at the chapter and the organization. I'd like the chapter to grow without the organizational BS holding it down; the organization seems so large that it's unwieldy. It's very top-heavy on both the alumni and active side, and groups have been meeting for the last several months to come up with a solution. There are a number of "zombie organizations": Positions that we elect and appoint that do nothing. We've come up with a new design for the organization; it will be much slimmer and more effective. My goal was to be non-interfering and merely act as protection from Nationals and from OU. There are things going on in the organization that have made it almost impossible to sustain with your size and composition. Br. Bagwell is working right now on what rewrites would be needed to change the alumni and active local constitutions. We are consolidating the entire alumni leadership into seven positions: Chairman of the Board [Br. Meizlish], Director of Finance [Br. Bagwell], Director of Alumni Correspondence, House Director, Director of Alumni Programming, Director of Membership Development, and Active at Large.


Br. Meizlish: It's awesome to be back. The house is cool; I'd love to see more of the place.

Br. Powers: I am going to Savanna, Georgia for the week. I'm really looking forward to it.

Br. Bagwell: That's a lot of concepts. It's Oct. 10th; zero scholarship applications have been turned in and it's due in 5 days. I said that seniors cannot apply, but this is our first year doing it; you should still apply.

Br. Bruce: I need a job.

Br. Wilson: Um, yeah. I got my graduate school application finished.

Br. Browder: I went to a concert, it was fun. Lots of pretty lights.

Br. Smith: Did tackle football this morning. I bruised up my shins, my ankle, and my wrists.

Br. Brandt: Um... I'm really pissed off at Java developers. I went biking, and I didn't hurt myself this time.

Br. Sanders: Not much, fun weekend.

Br. Ashley: Shack-A-Thon was pretty cool.

Br. Schlupp: The light show was pretty sweet. And cookie dough is delicious.

Br. Foster: I got nothing.

Br. Miller: Surprisingly good turnout for Anime Night, but I think most of the people were just hanging out in the room. I'll be having it again this Friday.

Br. Collins: I'm going to be busy with secretarial stuff this week.

Br. Zarachoff: [start Russian accent] Next year for Shack-A-Thon, we should share all of our responsibilites, like in Soviet Russia! [end Russian accent] Also, I'm beta testing a Starcraft 2 map.

Br. Nguyen: I have shorter hair. Oh, and my scar is healing.

Br. Pacheko: Shack-A-Thon was fun.

Pledge Shepard: I have a couple of midterms next week.

Pledge Runyan: I need a job, pretty bad. Relaxing weekend; I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

Ms. Kidson: I totally lost my concert virginity on Friday, and that was awesome. I've been doing homework almost all last weekend, and I still need to do more to get caught up for this week.

Ms. Denman: Had a Diff Eq midterm last Thursday, probably failed it. Have a circuits lab midterm this week.

Member of the Week: Br. Barber, for Shack-A-Thon.

Quote of the Week: "We should have a Sex For AIDS Charity." -Br. Hignite
"Russian table party is lengthy and merciless. Buckle up." -Dmitri [a guy Mr. Bleckley was with when he was traveling in California]