Name: 344
Title: 09.19.2010
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Br. Grady

Br. Powers

Br. Bruce

Br. Wilson

Br. Browder
Br. Smith

Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley
Br. Schlupp

Br. Foster
Br. Miller
Br. Barber
Br. Collins

Br. Zarachoff
Br. Nguyen

President's Report:
Pledging is in two weeks. Get those bid cards out. Many officers have not been reporting everything that they're doing; you should make a report every business meeting.

Aftermeeting is right after business meeting, as usual.

Pay your bills.
[from Br. Bruce] I'll be talking about meal plan payment soon.

I am typing what I am saying. I finally have a list of what paperwork is due when; I'll be informing the chapter about paperwork in the following days.

Recruit. Chair:
I'm going to have a table set up in the Union on Friday; I especially need people to be there from 1:30-2:20, as I will be in class at that time. Send me an email of when you will be available on Friday.

Hopefully, study teams have been able to meet.



[from Br. Bruce] Work Day may be on Saturday next week, due to an insurance company checkup.

Chapter Dinner is this week, Tuesday at 7pm; it will be Chicken Enchiladas. I will also send out an email about How to Use the Kitchen, since people apparently don't know how to.

Resident Manager:

Appointed Officer Reports:
Social Chair:
Festival is October 30th. There will be guests, food, and dancing.


ASK/Triangle Liaison:

Philanthropy Chair:


Old Business:
Last week's minutes will be up for voting on when they get posted. [I'll get on it]

T-shirt designs are being worked on.

New Business:


Br. Bruce:
I am sending an email. I need a job.

Br. Wilson:
You've got to be joking! I'm the next one on the list? I'm applying to grad schools, so I'll be starting grad school either spring or fall.

Br. Boles:
I missed most of this weekend because I was too busy sleeping.

Br. Browder:
I was completely swamped this entire week, so I took the weekend off.

Br. Smith:
One mouse down, a million more to go.

Br. Sanders:
Life's fun.

Br. Ashley:
About the same.

Br. Schlupp:
Last week sucked; but we got a new light installed!

Br. Miller:
I've been trying to show up to all the events, but I have a lot of other stuff to be doing.

Br. Collins:
I am typing what I am saying. Since there won't be any home football games for the next few weeks, I'm actually going to have some free time.

Br. Hignite:
I can't remember what I was going to say. [later] I need to know how many people are going to come to laser tag next week.

Br. Zarachoff:
As of today, fencing club is now officially an OU club! So you should all come and stab people.

Br. Nguyen:
Life's great.

Br. Pacheco:
It's been one hell of a semester so far.

Ms. Eliott:
I have a Latin test tomorrow.

Ms. Kiroga:
There's food in the kitchen.

Ms. Denman:
I'm tired. That is all.

Member of the Week: Nils and Powers, for installing the cool light.

Quote of the Week: "Gaming and suicide are not the same thing." -Aimee