Name: 342
Title: 08.29.2010
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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Br. Grady
Br. Estes - LATE
Br. Powers

Br. Bruce

Br. Browder
Br. Smith

Br. Sanders

Br. Schlupp
Br. Hudson
Br. Foster - LATE
Br. Miller

Br. Collins

Br. Zarachoff
Br. Nguyen

President's Report:
We found the sign-in sheet from the Involvement Fair. I'm going to email the guy who won the Count the Legos Contest, so we can get the gift card to him. I'm thinking we invite him to Welcome, and he can pick it up then. We now have a Rush folder to keep all the Rush papers organized. I got the Chemistry syllabus, and the Chem test will be Sept. 16. I have added this to the board. I ask for volunteers to help tutor chemistry. Should we do tutoring here in the Manor, or somewhere else? How about the first floor of the dorms?


Pay your dues, please.

I am typing what I am saying. Br. Sanders, I'd like last semester's minutes from you so I can upload them. Thank you.

Recruit. Chair:
Welcome is Wed., Sept. 1st, at 7:00 pm, in Beird lounge [or however you spell that]. Setup starts at 6. Flyering is tonight, at 8pm. Music for Welcome; I need a resource for that.

I still need schedules from some of you, and I need grades from last semester from all of you. I'll have the teams assembled by early-to-mid next week. If you find that you're on a team with someone you don't want to be on a team with, contact me. Stay on top of things, and go to class.


From Br. Browder: The manor looked pretty good even before workday, so thank you for that, and it looks even better after workday.

I'm lacking responses from people about chapter dinner, so all actives should respond. Next time you're at your computer, email me with your availability.

Resident Manager:
I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning. If you have anything in Khan's old room, and it's not out by Friday, I'm going to get rid of it. Ditto for the storage room; it's becoming three-dimensionally full now. In the serving area, there was a giant pile of food that was mixing with rotting stuff and dirty food. I've thrown the rotting stuff away; if you want any of the stuff that was there, label it and put it back.

Appointer Officer Reports:

Social Chair:

ASK/Triangle Liaison:

Philanthropy Chair:


Old Business:
Last week's minutes will be up for voting on when they get posted. [I'll get on it]

Concerning the Randy Woods talk from last week; updates?
From Br. Smith: Mr. Woods said he was looking into getting some new AC units; this is only after my mom chewed him out.

New Business:


Br. Grady: Hi, I'm here. Every semester, I say I'm going to try to be here more often. Moving the meeting to 6 helps.
Br. Estes: [No announcement]
Br. Powers: I'm going to Cincinatti for a day this week. A bunch of us are going on a one-day training trip halfway across the country; thank you for your tax dollars. Oh, and my group got Employee of the Year last week.

Br. Bruce: REABABO, okay?

Br. Browder: I spent most of today reinstalling lots of hardware on my computer, because my computer is old. I finally got my tablet working, so I can work more on Popcorn Fight, and my homework.
Br. Smith: One week down, fourteen to go. Or however many are left.

Br. Sanders: Electromagnetic fields are complicated.

Br. Schlupp: I've got a new battery for my cellphone, so now it works for more than an hour.
Br. Hudson: Pork chop sandwiches.
Br. Foster: [No announcement]
Br. Miller: I ordered a new MP3 player from Amazon.

Br. Collins: I am still typing what I am saying. In other news, who wants a body massage?

Br. Zarachoff: I'm here, and I'm going to be here, because I'm not fencing as much this semester. Oh, and I got a new phone over the summer, so I need everyone's phone numbers.
Br. Nguyen: Life is awesome.

Ms. Kiroga: I want my dryer to start working consistently.

Ms. Denman: I got in a wreck right before this meeting. Fortunately, my car is a tank, so it's okay. There are paint scuffs, and a slight scratch. The other guy's car was completely destroyed.

Member of the Week: Br. Nguyen, for organizing the cookout.

Quote of the Week: "When the end of the world comes, it will be on silent, silver, stubby wings." -Br. Wilson