Name: 340
Title: 01.16.2011
Last modified: 2011-02-20
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President's Report:

VP's Report:
Initiation went well. Aftermeeting will follow business meeting.

Treasurer's Report:
Pay your dues.

Secretary's Report:
[absent, minutes are being taken by last semester's secretary]

House Manager:
Workday went well. Mophead Award to Br. Shepherd for being the only new guy to show up, Dirty Mophead Award to Br. Ashley, who didn't even offer an excuse.

Rush Chair:
But anyway, Welcome is this Thursday at 7:30. [ASK Liason is now contacting the rest of ASK.]
[Discussion about possible Rush events and logistics, but nothing concrete, since both Rush Chair and President aren't here]

Scholarship Chair:
I'll be getting a committee formed.

We need a Programming Chair; Br. Shepherd is the most interested right now.

House Director:
Clean the house. Also, we need a Steward. Br. Collins is nominated as Steward.

Old Business:

New Business:

Br. Bruce: Getting up at 6 AM blows.

Br. Browder: I guess I'm ready for school to start.

Br. Sanders: Seriously? Damn, I go early. I got paid today to build a robot.

Br. Hudson: Crank that Solja Boy.

Br. Foster: Dallas was fun.

Br. Miller: Nothing.

Br. Barber: I plead the 5th.

Br. Collins: At some point today, I'd like to get into the crash rooms and see if there's a usable mattress.

Br. Zarachoff: Dallas was awesome.

Br. Shepherd: Not a pledge anymore! Yay!

Br. Runyan: I second his statement. Yay to being employed. Yay to being able to drive. Yay to productivity.

Ms. Quiroga: One more day of pajamas. And then, school.

Member of the week: The newly initiated.

Quote of the week: PINEAPPLES!