Name: 339
Title: 01.30.2011
Last modified: 2011-02-20
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Roll Call
Br. Browder - Present
Br. Smith - Present
Br. Brandt - Present
Br. Sanders - Present
Br. Ashley - Present
Br. Foster - Present
Br. Miller - Present
Br. Barber - Present
Br. Collins - Present
Br. Hignite - Absent
Br. Zarachoff - Absent
Br. Nguyen - Absent
Br. Pacheco - Present
Br. Shepherd - Present
Br. Runyan - Present
Br. Frazier - Present
Ms. Quiroga

President - Everyone should participate in the Delta Gamma Anchorman pageant.

VP - Pledging will be March 5th will be pledging. Retreat will be April 1-3. Aftermeeting will be one hour after this meeting.

Treasurer - Absent

Secretary - Nothing

Rush - Non-newtonian pools are more expensive than we thought. We may find a way to make them more affordable. We may find other alternatives.

Programming - Programming committee meetings will be Wednesdays at 8PM.

House Manager - Excellent work day today. Please keep the house in shape at least until Teusday

House Director - Don't burn down the house. Also flush the toilets. Elevator repair is pending. I'll get on the Hobart repair.

Appointed Officers

Steward - Hamburgers for chapter dinner. If somebody could help me go shopping that would be great.

Old Business

Minutes from last week are passed with corrections.

New Business

Welcome Back Triangle style will be friday.


Br. Bruce - I want to do a classic album club, maybe Saturday at 2 for 2 hours. It'll be weekly.

Br. Browder - I got nothing.

Br. Smith - Work day is long, and possibly longer tonight.

Br. Brandt - My life is apparently pretty boring.

Br. Sanders - I don't got much. Life is awesome.

Br. Ashley - Seconded.

Br. Hudson - I put on a clean pair of underwear today.

Br. Foster - Brotherhood meetings are Thursdays at 1:30. Tim and I are thinking of gutting the Shinobi machine and turning it into a useful piece of hardware.

Br. Miller - I'm thinking about turning that useful piece of hardware back into a piece of junk.

Br. Barber - The chapter is like an intellectual nerd. The manor is like it's face. We are cleaning it, so the chapter can get laid. The manor is going to be a pimp.

Br. Collins - I'd like to see the video we showed at welcome go up on Youtube.

Br. Pacheco - I agree with Br. Barber. I am tired. Pineapples suck.

Br. - There was a guy at work today drinking straight pineapple juice.

Br. Runyan - Runyan, say it with me. I work weekends now, not during the week. I need to find something to do now. Also Ryne hazed me.

Br. Frazier - I've been a bit off balance this week but I'm back on track. After going to a dance performance, and seeing the male dancers, I realize I need to go to the gym.

Ms. Quiroga - You guys need to finish off the Nutty Bars. I don't want to take them home.

Member of the week - Br. Barber for work day.

Quote of the week - Br. Barber's announcement.