Name: 338
Title: 01.23.2011
Last modified: 2011-02-20
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Business Meeting Minutes 1-23-2011

Presidents report - first time doing this

VP - Nothing

Treasurer - First billing has gone out for 2011, I'd appreciate it if you paid your dues

Secretary - No minutes are up yet, but I'm working on it.

Rush - I met with ASK and discussed their rush events. Something to clear your calendars for is Tea Party on February 11th. Current upcoming Triangle rush events are Welcome and Formal Rush. Next workday is before Formal Rush, and will be an extended one. We will also have a short session going over communication skills for Formal Rush. Welcome will be preceded by a Rush Clinic for learning some basic conversation tactics on Wednesday evening at 8:30.

Scholarship - None

Programming - N/A

House Manager - Next workday will go over the front side of the house, first floor, and solarium. We need to do some weeding and rake the leaves in the front yard. We need to straighten up and clean the floors on the first floor. We also need to straighten up the solarium. The stairs also need some work. I'm implementing a new workday system. We'll divide things into normal tasks done every workday, harder tasks which we will do a few at a time, and long range tasks which we will work on over the course of the semester. We've also organized the shed, so sign tools out and sign them back in. Next workday will start at 11:00 a.m.

Steward - Email me your schedule so I can write the work schedule. Chapter dinner will be Tuesdays at 7pm, and cleaning will also happen Thursdays at 7pm.

House Director - If you're going to do any projects on the house, like painting, or throwing stuff out, let me know before hand. I probably won't stop you, but I'd like to keep track of it.

IFC Representative - None

Athletics Chair - We need to get schedules for a workout day.

ASK Liasion - ASK meetings have been moved to 6:30 on Sundays

Old Business

New Business

Nominations for Programming Chair are open

Br. Pacheco nominates Br. Zarachof 4

Br. Foster nominates Br. Frasier 5

Br. Barber nominates Br. Sheppard 2

By show of hands Br. Frasier wins the nomination.

Committee members should email the President tonight with their desired committee
Committees and automatic memberships are:
Programming - BTF
Rush - BTP
Brotherhood - JLF
House - RSB, MSB
Scholarship - ATR


Br Bruce: 6am will come way too soon.

Br. Browder: School is fun, still trying to figure out how this semester is going to be for me.

Br. Smith: Weeks going to be fun, Welcome is going to be great.

Br. Brandt: Still trying to shift into productive mode, but I'll get there

Br. Sanders : My radar engineering class is going to interesting.

Br. Ashley: Laptop died, getting a new one. School is going well.

Br. Hudson: I am the cheese, i am the greatest character on the show, i am better than the balogna and the salami combined.

Br. Foster: School is ok.

Br. Miller: Frisbee was fun. I'm counting the days down to March 27th

Br. Barber: I'm waiting for Earth: The Book: The Movie

Br. Collins: Whose can of peaches is this.

Br. Zarachof: Good weekend. Took second at a tournament in Shreveport, LA. Ryne sent out an email regarding the Anchorman Pageant.

Br. Pacheco: Classes are going to be interesting. Can I get a boo if anyone is familiar with Matt Green. But, he's making it extra credit to attend welcome. Hells yeah,

Br. Sheppard: Winter break is over, Noo!!

Br. Frazier: I am really excited that winter break is over, class is going to be so much better.

Member of the week: Br. Bruce for being awesome

Quote of the week: "I usually just take 6 or 8 keys out and then I cheesegrate my [puppy]"