Name: 337
Title: 10.18.2009
Last modified: 2013-11-03
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NOTE: Due to tradition, Business Meeting is run backwards at Retreat. Posted minutes has been changed to forward order for readability as mandated by Pres. Br. Boles.

* Br. Powers
* Br. Rowe
Br. Creasey
Br. Wilson
Br. Boles
Br. Browder
Br. Smith
Br. Brandt
Br. Sanders
Br. Schlupp
Br. Hudson
Br. Foster
Br. Miller
Pl. Duran
Pl. Collins
Pl. Hignite


President's Report:
Retreat went well, weather was okay.
Everyone is hopefully recharged.

Vice President's Report:
Aftermeeting was 4:30 yesterday

Treasurer's Report:
Pay your dues
Make sure you check you balance

Secretary Report:
I'm trying to streamline the minutes posting process

Recuritment Chair's Report:

Scholarship Report:
5 weeks until finals
Study hall Monday @ 7 PM
* Take advantage
* Proctor: Br. Hudson

Chapter Editor:
People owe me articles

House Manager:
We are going to have a workday not to soon after we get back

Attendence for clean up got abysmial on Thursday night.
* Was going to cause Chapter Dinner to no occur
* Thanks to Friday's cleanup that has been averted
Food is not getting put up on time
Be responsible

Resident Manager's Report:

ASK Liasion
Br. Boles - Masquarade at the Manor, Philanthopy event
* Cost is 1 canned food
* Clean up manor beforhand
* Mask making will occur
Br. Wilson - ASK thanks us for Festival of Sin

Changing due date of fees to 8th day of month instead of 5th.
* Vote unaminous



Br. Powers
Pig roast next week, right after business meeting
* I need help with that
* Start cooking at 8 AM
* Day before proper mesh will be made
Montana only likes bad food
* Also I prefer Marty's other little

Br. Rowe
What Powers said

Br. Creasey:
I'm feeling a littel greasy right now so I guess I'm a "greasy Creasey".

Br. Wilson:
I'm feeling pretty okay right now.
Also pancakes.

Br. Boles
SO many eggs
Sleeping on a chair wasn't bad
I earned the cabin this time.

Br. Browder
OT ... is tasty

Br. Smith
My face feels like greasy bacon.

Br. Brandy
Damn, now I have to think of an announcement.

Br. Sanders
I'm getting back into Starcraft

Br. Schlupp
Shame on all those that slept in until 7:30.

Br. Hudson
I'm not doing that all again

Br. Foster
I love bacon

Br. Miller
I got twice the sleep I've been getting, 4 hours
Didn't rain this time
It was a great success

Pl. Duran:
I'm tired.

Pl. Barber:

Pl. Collins
I need your black book info.
I also have a black book back

Pl. Hignite
I feel like streaking

Br. Brandt for Retreat

Who wears pants this tight? - Higgy