Name: 334
Title: 01.31.2010
Last modified: 2010-02-21
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Br. Sanders
Br. Hudson
Br. Collins
Br. Foster
Br. Schlupp
Br. Browder
Br. Bruce
Br. Brandt
Br. Barber
Br. Hignite
Mr. Depue
Br. Boles
Br. Wilson
Br. Powers
Ms. Kidson
Br. Miller
Ms. Elloit
Br. Smith
*Late*Br. Creasey

President's Report:
Quarum Call! @5:04PM
Quarum reached @ 5:10PM
Appointed officers:
Paul - IFC rep and formal rush
Michael - Librarian
Higgy - Social Chair
ASK Liaison - Aaron
Founders day banquet on March 17th.

After Meeting: 7:30PM

Buget was passed.


Recruit. Chair:
Welcome moved to this Thursday. Rush committee meeting after chapter dinner on Wednesday.
Formal Rush starts tomorrow at 6:00PM. We need actives to help out. We'll be done by 6:40PM. Wednesday is Open House from 6:00 to 8:00.

We need to keep our grades up this semester. Study at the Union on Mondays.

I'll talk to people eventually.

Work day went well. Mop Head goes to Paul.

I need a steward checkbook. No meal plan Thursday. Unsure if I need to raise meal plan cost.

Resident Manager:
We had the alumni meeting this week. We now have money for work on the exterior of the manor. Next project will be improving the parking lot. Further down the road will be work on windows. Ice machine needs fixing.

Appointer Officer Reports:
I am starting a new file on test files. I will be asking everyone to collect tests from their classes.

Old Business:

New Business:
Move to amend Article III, Part III, Section III of the Constitution.
Br. Powers: That might be a bad idea. This is more brushing things under the rug.
Br. Foster: I agree with Br. Powers.
Br. Brandt: Move to postpone this issue for next week. *Passed*

Buget tabled for review by whole chapter.

Br. Powers:
I was able to do a real push up for the first time in my life.

Br. Bruce:
I'm working to make the astrolounge a more social area. Anime night on Fridays.

Br. Creasey:

Br. Wilson:
My appendix hates me.

Br. Boles:
I got to walk to in the snow. yea donuts

Br. Browder:

Br. Smith
Still trying to figure out treasurer.

Br. Brandt:
I got to ride my bike in the snow.

Br. Sanders:

Br. Schlupp:
Rawr means I love you in dinosaur. My phone is broken =(.

Br. Hudson:
I am exhausted.

Br. Foster:
I'm tired too.

Br. Miller:
I'm tired and hungry.

Br. Barber:
I'm crippled. Blame Jeff.

Br. Collins:
I will be looking at cameras for Historian. Also homework and sleep.

Br. Hignite:
We need more people to play poker. Also, I have a camera.

Ms. Kidson:
I don't have an announcement.

Ms. Elloit:
I don't want to go back to school.

Mr. Depue:

Mr. Shane:

Matt Zerichoff for being a new member.

"...I'm not a lady, I prefer the term Pansy-Man." -Mason Barber
"We don't need titties at the poker table" -Kahn
"I was busy reading I forgot to swallow" -Kathryn
"Can I buy a clue?" -Kathryn
"Don't tell them what our vaginas are doing together." -Higgy.

Winner: "I hope you saved the hell out of some African families, cause those shoes are tacky as shit." -Higgy