Name: 333
Title: 01.24.2010
Last modified: 2010-02-21
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Br. Browder
Br. Creasey
Br. Price
Br. Boles
Br. Sanders
Br. Foster
Br. Miler
Br. Hudson
Br. Ashley
Br. Hignite
Ms. Weber
Br. Hale
Br. Senkowski
Mr. Shain
Br. Smith
Br. Bruce
Br. Wilson
Br. Collins
Ms. Kidson
Br. Barber
Ms. Halin

President's Report
Looking forward to being President this year. We have 3 new brothers just initiated yesterday. I need to make appointments. We'll be implementing Robert's Rules of Order to get through old and new business.

Oh, that's me. New guys, come to aftermeeting.
After Meeting: Following business meeting.

We are doing the bugdget next week. Oh, and pay your dues please.

Old minutes need to be passed.

Recruit. Chair:
Rush Schedule -
Welcome: Thursday this week. We already have the facility set up. Who wants to figure out what games should come?
Game Night: Thursday after Welcome. We'll be playing games in Cate lounge.
Fencing: Tursday after previous. we are still working on saftey and liability issues. I need some alternatives just in case.
Movie Night: Feburary 18th. Watching Lock Stock and Barrels, and Blazing Sattles.
Lan Party: Weekend before spring break, on Friday.

We are having study nights in the Union on Mondays. This'll be for helping other students as well.
Also, Fridays should invovle a Frisbys.

Mondays at the union, by the Jukebox, will be study nights.

Within the next week or two, I'll be asking for articles.

Workday went well. Everything got cleaned, except the kitchen. Mophead goes to Br. Barber.

Working on a meal plan schedule. Also, I am thinking about implementing rewards for cleaning.
I need suggestions for meals for next week. I don't have a menu yet.
I have a challenge to the active chapter:
If for every night for the week, the cleaning passes my inspection, then a special dessert will be provided.


Appointer Officer Reports:

Social Chair:

ASK/Triangle Liaison

Old Business:
Old minutes passed.

New Business:
First Amendment we'll vote on is purposed by Br. Leo Glass.
-Move to Consideration: Seconded
Vote: Fails by a vote of 8 to 2.

Second Amendment: Changes to abriged history. Fix on dates and modernizing.
Vote: Motion passes. 10 to 0.

Br. Powers:
Excited about my trip to Australia. Someone feed my hedgehog please.

Br. Senkowski
Class sucks, class sucks a lot.

Br. Bruce
I think 2/3rds of this semester will be better than last. Also, I need money.

Br. Creasey
First time I haven't been an officer in a while. I need to talk to Ryne and Paul about their positions.

Br. Boles
First time not in an exec. council meeting. I like my classes this semester. Looking forward to being Steward. Shaved off 2 months of my life inhaling oven cleaner.

Br. Browder

Br. Price

Br. Hale
Free stuff is awesome!

Br. Smith
Start of a hopefully good semester.

Br. Brant
Yeah, for good GPA's. I haven't had time to do homework in a week.

Br. Sanders
Most of my classes this semester are math. Yeah.

Br. Ashely
It's going to be a heck of a semster.

Br. Hudson

Br. Foster
I fried an egg in the hobart today.

Br. Miller
Mason and Casey taught me several tricks in Sonic and Knuckles. Casey is the best Tails.

Br. Barber

Br. Collins
Class, that is all. Oh, and I quit WOW.

Br. Hignite
I plan on getting atlest $5000 in insane stunt bonus.

Ms. Weber
This is my last semester for OU. OMG, I am getting out of here and I"m going to make money.

Ms. Kidson

Ms. Elloit
This'll be my first time going to ballroom.

Ms. Heulin
Class sucks

Mr. Shane
I second that.

MoW: Nominate new members for not being Ryan Bruce.

Sooooo many puppies....
Winner: Hold on, I have to go put my big panties on. -Br. Wilson.