Name: 331
Title: 11.22.2009
Last modified: 2010-01-11
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Br. Browder
Br. Creasey
Ms. Kidson
Br. Brandt
Pl. Zarachoff
Br. Foster
Br. Sanders
Br. Schlupp
Br. Boles
Pl. Barber
Br. Bruce
Br. Hudson
Br. Miller
Mr. Shane
Pl. Hignite
Br. Grady
Ms. Curry - Late
Br. Wilson - LATE
Br. Smith - LATE
Br. Ashley - LATE
Ms. Weber
Pl. Collins

President's Report
Had Local Founder this weekend.
Got to meet new BoD Chairman
* Br. Mizlish

AM @ 7:15 PM

Be thinking about if your meal plan and if you live in or out of house

I got my first correction in a while.

Go make friends.

Due to break: no offical Study Hall

Everyone has 1 month overdue articles

Good job on Workday. Except Sam.
Mophead: Clay Miller

Chapter Dinner: Thanksgiving Dinner

Ice machine is broken more so than I thought.
Look into fixing it but it's going to be a while.
We need people to help with Bedlam parking.

Appointed Officer Reports:

/TASK Liasions:
ASK Retreat was fun.
Discussion of having TASK event during Dead Week.

Old Business
Br. Bruce to untable nominations.
Reopen President.
Nothing; closed.
Move to discussion
Close discussin'
Open to vote
Winner - Br. Hudson 10-1
Close President
Open nom for VP:
Closed nom
Open Debate
Debate Closed
Voting opened
Winner: Br. Browder - 10-1-1
Move to open nomRerc.
No new
Nom Clsoed
Open Deb
Open vote
Br. Brandt - 10-2
Open Nom for Sec
Br. Foster withdrawls
Open Debate
Close Debate
Vote Opened
Br. Sanders - 10-2
Open nom for tres
open debate
debate closed
Voting opned
Br. Smith 7-5
Steward nom opened
Debate opened
Putting choclate syurp on ramen noodles
Slim Jims and Chese on a sandwich
Tim's dietary consumption
Debate closed
Vote opened
Br. Boles - 10-1 (1 vote removed - vote for "Steward")
Nom for Schol open
Open for debate
I imagine Tim makes good grades
Votes open
Br. Miller - 10-2
Chapter Editor Nom opened
Br. Bruce -> Pl. Barber
Br. Browder -> Pl. Collins
Br. Miller withdraws.
Nom. Closed
Open Debate
Debate Closed
Votes Open
Pl. Barber 7 - (Collins 3 - Ahsley 2)
HM Nom opened
Br. Browder -> Br. Foster
Br. Miller withdraws.
Nom closed
Debate opened
"I can't see from here but doesn't Tim have quite a few days missing?"
"Doesn't he have a mophead award?" (NO)
- Br. Miller
"I'd have to see he keeps his house clean except he has more dirty dishes than the Manor." - Higgy
Debate closed
votes opened
Br. Foster 9 - 3
Elections closed

Minutes passed unanimously

Br. Grady:
I'm done traveling - I should be here more often

Rest of meeting skipped.