Name: 325
Title: 09.27.2009
Last modified: 2009-10-04
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Meeting Minutes for 9/27/09

*Br. Powers
*Br. Lauth
*Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Wilson
Br. Boles
Br. Browder
# Br. Preston - Absent
Br. Smith - Excused Absence
Br. Brandt
Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley
Br. Schlupp - ABSENT
Br. Hudson
Br. Foster
Br. Miller
Ms. Kidson
Mr. Collins - late

Presidents Report
Met with Kevin Estep; got great info on how to better do Formal Rush
* Workshop on how to use Formal Rush's database
** Learn how to find major

National's Rep this week - Tues-Thurs
* Remember your appointments, I will be reminding you.
* No bad shnanigans.

AM @ 7:15

Our current semester balance is negative including parking
So please pay your bills.
We are considering rasing LAFs for next semester

Check the minutes
Also please get your paperwork to me.

10/2 - Movie night
* Host - Ryan
* Br. Bruce - Please tell give me suggestions

Flyering tomorrow for Movie Night

Study Night - Fewer people are showing up.
People need to come more
Mon at 7 PM
* Procter - Br. Sanders

Br. Boles - Do your articles you previous and current FNGs!

Good job, guys
Next week at 2 PM
Mophead - Josh Foster
Sorry for no treats
Volunteer - Br. Wilson

Chapter DInner - Bacon Cheesburgers
Cook: Br. Hudson and Ms. Weber
Cleanup worked out right in the end
If you miss please let me know so I can make sure it gets done.

Resident Manager
New door code
Br. Hudson - can you conisder code once a month?
Br. Powers - Sure

Also consider buzzer for back door since it doesn't shut without force.

Appointed officers

(Mr. Collins enters)
ASK Liason/Triangle Liason
Ms. Kidson - We have 3 candidates

Br. Boles - There is a giant list of orgs asking for help. Expect 1 or 2 events.


Anyone have good opinions

Old business
Previous Minutes passed? Unanimous.

New Business

Br. Powers
Got passport for Australia, ends in "42".

Reminder of Poker Game at 8 PM

Br. Lauth
I've got 99 problems

Br. Bruce
Smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd

Br. Creasey
Allergies suck.
Never gonna give you up.

Br. Wilson
Everyone's working for the weekend.

Br. Boles
I can cross off things to cross of in an RPG

Br. Browder

Br. Brandt
I'm drinking coffee like a bausse

Br. Sanders

Br. Ashley
I know Pi to a thousand places.

Br. Hudson
Theme to Jurrasic Park

Br. Foster

Br. Miller
It's also the same it's a shame you know.

Ms. Kidson
Mike and I celebrated our 1st anniversary.
I recurited our entire pledge class. :)
I'm not going to get enough sleep night.

Mr. Collins
I will be talking to my parents about

Boles - Ryan for LAN Party
Hudson for TV
Powers - Hudson for driving tired people home

"Preston, quit molesting the couch!" - Kyle
- "Molest Paul instead." - Kathryn
"Woah, we don't want anybody to get hurt. We're terrorists not savages!" - Clay
"OMG! You guys need to go downstairs and play with Clay's thing!" - Kathryn
"I want to drink Sam's yolk." - Preston
"I want a girl I could mistake for Sean Lavelle..." - Montana
"Alright, I'm stable and ready to go where you are" - Hollie
"Wait, you have Taco Bell. Trade me; I will not set you on fire." - Rachel W.