Name: 324
Title: 09.20.2009
Last modified: 2009-10-04
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*Br. Mercer
*Br. Powers
#Br. Senkowski - Absent
*Br. Rowe
*Br. Lauth
Br. Creasey
Br. Wilson
Br. Boles
Br. Browder
#Br. Hale - Absent
Br. Smith
Br. Brandt
Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley
Br. Schlupp - ABSENT
Br. Hudson
Br. Foster - ABSENT
Br. Miller
@Ms. Kidson
@Ms. Weber
Mr. Duran
Mr. DePue

Presidents Report
Nothing Major Currently
Congratulations on fundraiser, filled up box
Thank you for those who helped with parking

Not gotten suggestions for retreat

Pay Bills
Working Budget

I need Paperwork
Website suggestions
Need to form exploratory committee

LAN Party this weekend
Flyering for Welcome tomorrow. NEED PEOPLE

Tomorrow is another Study Night same time
Proctor Br. Boles
1/4 way through semester

Excused Absence
FNGs and Previous FNGs - WRITE Bios
Deadline is next week

Workday was awesome
Every active here
Next workday same time
Mophead - Sam Wilson

To people who made it to shifts, TY
To all those you didn't, you're getting fined
Br Boles - I didn't see a good amount of contact on those who missed (Clarification of rules)
CD - Turkey Legs

Social Chair
Friday is TASK event - Rifftrax watching
* Probably After Dinner

ASK Liaison:
Triangle Liaison:
Thank you to those who showed up to Tea Party

Old Business

New Business
Br Powers - I've had several parents want to form a Parents Association. I want to start this up.
Need to create a Parent Liaison
I would like to add this to the constitution soon.
Br. Boles - Parents Assoc. will help bring in resources as well as better interaction.

Br. Powers - 1st project - Getting sign
2nd project - cleaning up front porch properly

Br. Mercer
I was up here on recruiting. 1st time had to review Triangle Brother.

Br. Powers
This week I hit 3 years in fed service. I got promoted, a raise, more time off, and can't be fired.

Br. Rowe
PJ, Suba, and I are going to Blink 182 in Dallas

Br. Lauth
Are you serious?

Br. Bruce
Roommates are fun...
Journey would be a better concert

Br. Creasey

Br. Wilson
I'm feeling a little bit better but I'm might drop dead by the end of the day.

Br. Boles
Made some progress on cleaning my room.
I have interesting topic on papers this week.

Br. Browder

Br. Smith
I'm here.

Br. Brandt
Homework sucks.

Br. Sanders
I have a personal programming project and I need some help. Need to get data form 8-bit images.

Br. Ashley

Br. Hudson
Ow, my spine!

Br. Miller
Following Michael's statement, I won't be physically capable of hand in assignments in on time (due to sickness)

Ms. Weber
This week you will only see me 3 times this week due to homework

Ms. Kidson
Apparently official OU vs Tulsa afterparty was at my apartment. They came in while I was taking a nap

Mr. Duran
Hello. Nice meet you all.

Mr. DePue

Parking help

I'll put some cream sauce on you. - Rachel

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