Name: 323
Title: 09.13.2009
Last modified: 2009-10-04
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#Br. Senkowski
*Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Wilson
Br. Boles
Br. Browder
#Br. Hale
Br. Smith - Excused absence
Br. Brandt
Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley - ABSENT
Br. Schlupp - ABSENT
Br. Hudson
Br. Foster
Br. Miller
@Ms. Kidson
@Ms. Quiroga
@Ms. Weber
Ms. Curry
Mr. DePue

Elections on calendar

** Note: unexcused absences only
* Work Day fine: $5 per not made up Work days
** Unexcused workday misses have to be made up by Sunday
* Meal Plan Weekup
** Day after will be notified; have to be cleaned up by next work day
** $10 fine otherwise, goes toward who cleans up
* Business Meeting fines
** From constitution
** $1 per day missed

Micheal Zaccaria from Nationals

AM @ 7:15, BE THERE

Fines mentioned
Pay your bills

I need the paperwork
Sorry minutes are up now
Minutes will get revamped

Will be creating a more definite contact list with signature that it is acceptable

Thurdsay Chaos: Bowling
Contact your contacts.
Flyering Monday after Study Night

last weeks annoucement
I proctered last time. I decdided I'm going to declare a proctor work the week.
Tomorrows: Aaron Browder
Study Night tomorrow after dinner

Br. Boles: turn in minutes
Br. Bruce: Send in ideas that are better for someone else if they work
FNGs need to right article

Workday was mostly a sucess. Several people didn't show up
Jeff making treats next week.
Mop head award: Jeff Boles

CD: Rotinni w/ Awesome sauce: TBD
Come to cook/clean up when assigned.
If you are sick, contact me.

Appointer Officers:
Social Chair:
TASK event during LAN party next week

ASK Liasion:
Ideas: Laser tag, movies, etc... thrown around
Please come.

Triangle Liasion:
Tea Party Friday in Willibow Lounge

Old Business:
Mintues up too recently, no passing.

New Business:
Philanthropy: United Away for nonparisiable food goods
Idea: $5 per person to buy in bulk from Sam's Club
ASK Can contribute
Prize for top contributor
Filled to the rim gets group prize

Br. Senkowski
Intersting Science ex: can speed up time and be late everytime
Plasma lamp speeds up my alarm clock

Br. Bruce
I'm glad that Senk showed up the week Montana so I'm not first.

Br. Creasey
Cleaned my room
I'm taking one of each level

Br. Wilson
Stuff happened
Raining is cool
Missed Monday class this week

Br. Boles
Had a lot of aspirations, none of them happened
Cell phone antenna snapped but get better reception
It is raining; glorious

Br. Browder

Br. Smith

Br. Brandt
I got sick
Got wheel bent had to get it fixed
It's now cool.

Br. Sanders
Went to IEEE meeting Thurs. For intro fresh to IEEE but no pub happened. Only IEEE officers showed up
Ms. Kidson: I'm Pub chair for IEEE

Br. Hudson:
Swien Flu!!! (sung)

Br. Foster

Br. Miller
I got sick and got tested for h1n1 and strep. Was neither.

Ms. Weber
Highly functioning addict

Ms. Kidson
A lot of stuff happened this week
I got sick
Best week ever to get sick as half of classes was cancelled and homework was postponned.
Coloring a dinousar

Ms. Qurioga
Did first parking this weekend. First time standing with a sign on a street corner

Ms. Curry
Mr. Clear
Yay plauge Dr. appointe Wed
Went to a Gernman festival and asked for White Russian, they said no

Mr. Depue

Br. brandt loaning Sec for minute taking
Ryan for planning for lan Pary
Khan for being awesome

If I had a dollar for ever grain amoeba I've had. - Kahn

You'd have one dollar and you'd be dead" - jeff

Ending at 5:29