Name: 322
Title: 08.30.2009
Last modified: 2009-10-04
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*Br. Powers
*Br. Rowe
*Br. Bruce
Br. Creasey
Br. Wilson
Br. Boles
Br. Smith
Br. Browder
#Br. Hale
Br. Brandt
Br. Sanders
Br. Ashley - LATE
Br. Schlupp
Br. Hudson
Br. Foster
Br. Miller
@Ms. Weber
Ms. Curry
Mr. DePue

Presidents report

Matt from Formal Rush
Talked with Grace about ..

VP AM at 7PM

NAFs are now $105

Website need to be redone; will be needing group to discuss

Mailing List being redone
Br Ryan explains lists; plans on sending out email

Welcome Thurdsay Be there at 6 to help set up.

Eng Fal Festival next day *Friday 11AM-3PM
Start setting up at 10 AM
Br. Boles – Need good recent pictures of events for slideshow
Also need big thing to draw people besides “Lego” phone.

A lot of people working on homework; impressed on drive. But is first week.

Mon. Night Study night to 9. Show up.

Need articles!
Also FNGs and recent FNGs to do articles.
Br Browder. Talk with people to get articles.

Wonderful Work Day.
I have a cool chart on attendance. Can do make up and mophead awards allow you to sjip.
Mophead award: John Hudson.

Need treats for next week; Br. Powers. Done by 2 or 3. Also clean up after self.


Any actives who have not given me availablity need to do so.
Chapter Dinner: Breakfast for Dinner.
Putting out schedule tonight after AM.
Rinse out dishes. Important. Especially due to this flu season

ASK liaison
Br. Boles: ASK Liaison is Sam Wilson.

Old Buisness:
Text Messaging for reminders. Continuous or wasted?
Possibly use auto website.
Kill proposition.

New Business:
Passing minutes: No objections. Minutes passed.

Br. Powers
Went to St. Louis
Met Uncle: more incommon with him than parents
Went up arch. Was somewhat creepy but cool.
D&D and poker. Will swtich every other week.

Br. Rowe

Br. Bruce
Any you have any spare money please give it to me.

Br. Creasey
I can read hirgana better now.

Br. Wilson
Planning for Exalted is going well.
My job is awesome.
I'm reallyX4 tired.

Br. Boles
1st week was better; classes are interesting.
Why did you get me sick, Montana?
Slept in due to that and exercising.
Also I have a huge wisk. (Literally)

Br. Browder
This week was fun; you're all cool.
This week went really slow for me.

Br. Hale
OCCC. Creeped out because I have a bedtime now.
Thurs night we had an interesting visitor.
Going strong in classes

Br. Smith
Liking Geology

Br. Brandt
Setting up DD-WRT on Linksys router.

Br. Sanders
Signals and Filtering is hard but interesting.
Need specific paper for class.

Br. Ashley
Apple can suck it.

Br. Schlupp
I'm really tired.

Br. Hudson
“What can greater than golf with a gator?”

Br Foster
My schedule is great this semester.

Br. Miller
Got a lot of homework and have to do it all really soon. Wish I didn't get so much homework the first week.

Ms Weber.
… are awesome
I'm also sad that Mr. Shadon is going to Scotland this week

Ms Curry.

Mr. DePue
Last year of school. So I'm pumped.
3 Econ classes this semester.

Active Chapter – 100% attendance.
Ryan for being Ryan.

That's maal. I hate that game! … you! - Kahn

We already took a picture of his [butt] we're not doing that again. - Preston

I had an encouter with Jeff boles and my inner thighs hurt. - Sam

Holy areoloes, Batman! - Sam

If math was like squirels math would be easy - Kahn